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Originally posted by Haseeb_Zaibatsu
By the way, tekken tag 1 is just like tekken tag 2 and no main difference is present, but tekken tag 2 is better because it has a lot better graphics than tt1 and a lot much more characters . You can customize the players and change the panels and there is ghost battle which wasn't present in ttt1. But I still love ttt1 and I played it more than ttt2 , the classic characters were also so amazing . But Tekken Tag 2 is full of characters !

When comparing those 2 great games, graphics surely isn't what defines either game as better than the next. It's gameplay, depth, playability, intuitiveness, ease of transition one player combos into the next to name a few.

Graphics are important but it's not the most compelling thing that defined Tekken.. I also respect your opinion my friend. ODV out!
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