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The combo I posted above is so far the most damaging staple after f+2_d/f+2, but you can also do u/f+3, 2,1, b+2,4,3 for a better wallcarry. After WS 3, the most damaging combo I've come with is u/f~n 4, 1+4, 2,1,1+2.
f+1+2 on block seems to give a different stun, reminds me of +frames but I can't test it now. Next thing I'll test when I get time will probably be b+4,2 on block, which looks to be at least -10, but it looks HELLA delayable (the window is gigantic).
Another minor change I've noticed is that d/b+4,4,3 won't launch the opponent if he holds b.

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