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havent played t6 very much but ff+3 was a launcher? sounds cheap lol no but all those crybabies would say that. i dont like this move atm because it doesnt do enough for -14 ... good as a punisher of course

would like to have a + on hit low. ss+2 - +1-2 maybe but -15+ on block

also better wr mid options would be good.

what i dont like atm is the weird hitbox of ws+1/d+4,1. sometimes i cant punish things like laws db4 or sometimes a CH combo of d+4,1. and pls male d+2.3 safe <3 and also taunt of course, just for fun you know? and some of her current moves are almost completly useless so would be cool to have something good/decent instead

ps: just found out that ws+4 is -14 :O... seriously, im shocked