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13) Wall game

Baek's wall game has been significantly buffed since T6. In T6 it was below average, since he didn't have even relatively quick mids that W! other than launchers like df+2 and b+4, and since they were a launch, the damage potential was less than a wall stunning move (a wall stun allows for refloats which generally do more damage - sometimes even 10-12 points more in Baek's case with a 4,3,3~f refloat).

Not any more.

Baek now has really quick mids (well not extremely quick, but relatively quick) that allow for wallsplats eg b+4 (which is now safe) and ff+4,3 (which is a HOMING MOVE! ). This means that if an opponent is jab happy with his back to the wall (which is unusual but definitely possible), you can backdash or sidestep and use those quick moves and put your foot in their face and get W! into tons and tons of damage and victory (because more often than not you've flown them to the wall in first class with a juggle). This is one of the several significant buffs that he's got in TTT2 as far as his wall game is concerned.

Before we get to discuss Baek's wall game, let's have a look at what all stuff W!'s with this guy:
- b+4: i16, -9 on block. Tracks like WHOA to his left and a fair bit to his right. Mid.
- ff+4,3: i16 (realistically it's between i18-19 depending on your execution), first hit +2 on hit and -8 on block, while the second is +1 on block but doesn't jail. NC. Tracks both ways (homing move). Mid high.
- the 3 ender from FLA strings: -14 on block, linear (though it does catch SSL on occasion and depending on character model; SSR defeats this move). Mid. You can sometimes get this to hit if the opponent was slow when he tried to interrupt the ender with jabs.
- FLA f+3: i19 from FLA, 0 on block, tracks essentially both ways (not a homing move but tracks both ways reliably), leaves you in FLA. On CH gives crumple stun comparable to Kazuya df+2 (pretty much everything free afterwards). Mid.
- FLA f+4: i18 from FLA, -7 on block with retarded pushback, catches SS but not SW (can be walked during startup). High. More useful if you're doing iFLA version to whiff punish.
- 1,2,3,3,3,4: Yes this does wall splat, though never guaranteed, ever. -8 on block.
- FLA 3,3,4: The last kick W!'s. m,h,h. -8 on block.
- WS 3,3,4: Look above, except the first kick is also high.
- u+4,3: i28, -2 on block (but doesn't jail). NC (why?).
- df+3,4: NC, i22, delayable, HC able. The first hit is -12 on block and +1 on hit, while the second hit is -14 with a bit of pushback. df+3 tracks to Baek's left all day. Because of how this move hits, it carries an opponent towards the wall, however it doesn't W! from distance.
- (CH d+1,)4: -10 on block, tracks to Baek's left.
- f+3+4: i20, -10 on block, homing move. W!'s from far away.
- PP~3: -3 on block should you miss it (shame on you if you did). Mid, W! from very far away, does retarded damage (especially in rage).

The moves in bold are key W! moves and should always be in the back of your head. The ones in italics are debatable and definitely should be used on occasion. The ones in normal are garbage and should never be used.
Unless your opponent doesn't know how to play. Family members can be free sometimes.

The main tools Baek has at the wall include:

- d+1: It's about the same thing as Bob BR d+1. -1~0 on block, +8~9 OC on hit. On CH you can confirm d+1,4 for a LOT of damage and +5 in their face. After d+1 on block you have the option to sidestep anything they do, and punish any buttons they want to press. Or you could stuff any interruptions with CH (d+1),4 W!. But do keep in mind that d+1,4 is -10 on block.
If you went into your SS game after d+1 on block or hit, you can punish whiffs with a simple b+4 or an iFLA f+4 if you think you're cool.
Since people don't duck at the wall and (usually) don't press any buttons, you can sometimes run a game of repeated d+1's in a row.

If they didn't try buttons, however, you can go into:

- SS 3: It is a little slow, but it does good damage and leaves you with +4 on hit, and you can stuff any buttons coming your way by a df+1 or a 4 (which on CH will W!).

Another very strong option is:
- db+3,3~f: His best low besides SS 3, this low gives you +8 on hit. +8 is just solid all around. From db+3,3~f you can go back into d+1.

This all looks sick... until you realize d+1 doesn't track. Like AT ALL. It's very easy to step d+1, and even huge characters can do it.
So, what do you have to keep them at the wall?

- ff+4: The risk-reward on hitting a ff+4,3 at the wall jumps up than it is in the open (because it W!'s for like 50 damage). This is why the opponent will fear the second hit, thus more often than not allowing you to just ff+4 in their face into continued pressure.
- f+3+4: Depending on who you're talking to, f+3+4 is a better option than ff+4 to keep them at the wall. The pros to f+3+4 at the wall is that f+3+4 is safer than ff+4,3 (f+3+4 is -10 while ff+4,3 is duckable and thus death) and you do not have to commit to any strings - it's just BAM W! - thanks.
The cons to f+3+4 is that it's slower than ff+4, and of course if you're using just ff+4 to keep them at the wall, f+3+4 is more punishable than ff+4 (because ff+4 is a safe - and is a good PP bait - while f+3+4 is -10).
The usage of the two homing moves greatly depends on the situation.

You can kinda flow like: d+1, d+1, SS 3, d+1, df+1, db+3,3~f, d+1.

That is as simple as you can make his wall game. Of course you can add in moves like:
- FLA f+3: 0 FLA on block, mid with 99.99% tracking, W!'s and on CH leads to death with CH FLA f+3, FLA f+3 W! or CH FLA f+3, FLA uf+3~5 W!

and standard, generic stuff like jabs and df+1, to try and bait the opponent into pressing a button that you can either CH or punish to get a W!.

And all this time you're doing 20 damage at a time with SS 3 and 14 damage at a time with db+3,3~f. The damage piles up pretty quick.

However, the main weakness he has is that outside of CH 4, which doesn't do a lot of damage for a W!, he doesn't have very many quick W! tools. IMO he lacks a Dragunov 1,2,1 or a Roger 1,2,3 or a Lee 2,2,3. If he had those tools, his wall game and frame traps on the wall would be a lot scarier.

TLDR: Baek's wall game revolves around poking the opponent and agitating them so that you can punish them and W! them. He's got good tools for that purpose.

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