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With the buff-up sidestepping in general has got, Baek has it easier than the rest of the cast with SSing most of people's stuff. I say this because he has what we Baekers (bakers? Baekers? Not funny? Damn.) call TRIPLE SIDESTEP (dun-dun-dun).
Basically, to put it in notation, it's
SSR, b+3, SSR
This works because b+3 has a little SSR of it's own. Fire up your PS3's (Xbox = ass) and check it out in practice mode.

Cool, huh?

This grants Baek some serious damage opportunities. Maybe your opponent is playing quite stringy and isn't caring about throwing in HomingAttacks at all. Maybe you're caught in a rushdown and want a way out. Maybe you're facing wall pressure and the opponent is Steve with rage (even though Steve tracks really well, it's still an option). Guess what you will use?

To get the best out of the FLA SS, you need to cancel your SSR right at the point when Baek stops. Since SS's are very cancellable, they're kinda like backdashes in which the most distance must be covered in the least amount of time.

Some of the BT launcher strings he has are:
1. FLA 3,4,4,4 (requires CC 4,3,3~f combos or WS 2,1 B! straight away)
2. d+3,3,n+3 (~5)

You should not be using FLA SS out in the open at all (ie right outside of range 1), as the opponent can see it and then kill you for it (you'll be in FLA at that time, and any hit on you is a CH). This is mostly used as Leo's manual BOK transition, or Xiaoyu's SSR~AOP, in that it's used for evasion purposes.
Using the FLA SS can be used to deal massive damage with BT combos. More info on that is in the combo threads.

FLA SS also has purposes other than from a defensive standpoint. Suppose you're pressuring someone with a lot of db+3,3~f's, FLA 3,3~f's or whatever you might choose to do. If you know your opponent's getting frustrated, you can just go for 1,2,3~D for a FLA SS, and laugh as his retaliations whiff (think of it as a buffed up SS in that area: 1,2, SS's big brother) and launch them with a simple df+2 or whatever is it you might want to do).

Also, Baek has the option to go straight into b+3 state from 4,3,3~f and 3+4~f. The notation is [3]f~b+4 ie, eg say Baek does 4,3,3~f, you hold 3, tap forward, and then while holding 3, hit b+4. This is called Flamingo Super Sidestep. It's useful in some situations, but not something you should be basing your game around, IMO, espeically since those two moves are the only moves that can go into super sidestep.

Warning: Do note however that there are some characters against whom FLA SS is not worth the risk. I discuss those characters in the matchup thread, but just as an overall thing:
- Craig Marduk (his df+1 kills this for free)
- Miguel (his df+1 kill this for free)
- Mishimas (EWGF kills this)
I'm sure I'm missing some characters, but overall, I'd suggest really not going for FLA SS on these characters because their tracking options are going to kill FLA SS and it might not be worth the risk, seeing as your chances to succeed will be limited.

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