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2) Movelist breakdown

Note: For newer players, I have bolded the moves one should use, if they're just starting with Baek, and also wrote down in brackets, why they should use them.

Standard movelist
- 1,1: 0 on block, +7 on hit, jails. 10 frames. Not many Baek players use this as a pressure tool or a poke, and I don't know why. It's so good! It's useable as a poke because jab string (fast), and it jails. Also it's 0 on block and doesn't move anyone, so it resets the situation, which is good.

- 2,2: 10 frame punisher. -2 on hit, but a chunk of damage. -13 on block and does not jail, so if you're using this, know what you're punishing.
Interesting fact: the second hit on CH launches for a standing stun (Low hitting moves can pick up after this).

- 2,3: Safe (0 on block) transition into FLA. It can be used kind of like Hwoarang's 2,3, so that you're able to start your pressure game.

- 1,2 (standard jabs): Standard 1,2. All extensions are high. Can go into FLA (via 1,2,3~f and 1,2,3,3,3~f; Jung Pa Dak uses 1,2,3,3,3~f a lot in his pressure game so watch his vids on tips as to how to use that move and check the FLA offense section on a more detailed breakdown on 1,2,3,3,3~f). Full strings he can do off of it are: 1,2,3,3,3,4 (h,h,h,h,h,h,h; worthless), 1,2,3,3,3,d+4(h,h,h,h,h,h,l; great), 1,2,3,3>4,4,3 (h,h,h,h,m,m,m; usable on occasion), 1,2,3,3,4,4,4 (h,h,h,h,m,m,l; not extremely worth it but can be used rarely), and 1,2,3,4,3 (h,h,h,l,m; only really worth it till the 4th hit). 1,2,3,4,3 is NOT guaranteed on opponent's back; they can duck after 1,2.

- 3 strings: only combo material. Never use this in a real match ever. Goes into same strings as 1,2,3 above.

- 4(panic button): 12 frames, magic 4. Combo on CH possible from 3+4 right after it; misses at absolute max range (and on Bears if not point blank range). A necessity if you want to play Baek. Recovers worse on whiff than in the past games - system change.
NOTE: Has a really really chunky hitbox, so to crush it the opponent needs a legitimate high crush.
WARNING: On Bears, CH 4, 3+4 does not work. To get any combo from CH 4 you need to commit to 4,3,3~f.

- 4,3: You never want to use 4,3 by itself because it's horrible on hit and block (-4 on hit and -10 on block). Use 4,3,3~f as your -12 punisher. 4,3,3~f also floats rather easily and is good, if a bit risky, as an oki tool. Also goes into his 10 string, but it's trash.

- 4,4: This move used to be super good. It still is, just not as great as it was. 4,4 is not as delayable as in T6; it recovers slower so old oki setups not possible anymore. Now -10 on block, still steppable both ways. CH (4,)4 still gives free, tag crashable d+2.

- 1+2,4(decently quick whiff punisher from range): Your primary -14 punisher. This move punishes a lot of things Baek can't reach with anything else. 1+2 is now -10 on block (stupid), while 1+2,4 is launchable on block, so use with caution. Use it as a punisher only. It doesn't look like it's something that should be launch punishable though, so test your opponent on whether they know this is launch punishable.

- 3+4: Lightning Halberd. 3+4 is -13 on block by itself, but you can cancel it into FLA by holding f, which leaves you at +2. In this scenario, if they hit any button that's not a jab or a high crush, they get launched. Also good in combos. 3+4 on block, the best option is to FLA super sidestep, because the +2 on block really leads to pretty bad mixups... unless you got the opponent afraid to move, which they really shouldn't.

- f+2(aggressive mid): Hits a bit low (can still be gone under by stupid moves) than his other mids. i15 and tracks a little bit to his left (can certainly be stepped though). f+2,1 is hella HC and is NC for 29 damage and +8 on hit. f+2 is safe, while f+2,1 is duckable and launchable. f+2,1,2 KND's. (f+2,1,)2 launches on CH and on regular hit gives free d+3,3,n+3(~5). (f+2,)1,2 is NCc. f+2,1 is really good in both FLA and regular pressure, and if they're happy with pushing buttons after f+2,1 hit (they shouldn't be doing it anyway though), use the last 2 to launch. f+2,1,4 can catch someone asleep after eating f+2,1.

- f+3: This move is plain trash. f+3 is 12 frames, has no good range, is high and tracks for garbage. f+3,3 is NC and and that's sorta good I guess. f+3,3,2 is h,l,m. The last hit launches on CH. f+3,3,b+2 is the same string except the low is cancelled. Again, pretty useless.

- f+4: Mishima f+4, except not really. Unlike Mishima f+4, it's not + on block. f+4 is -1~0 on block, which is still pretty good though. f+4,3 is now interruptable by jabs on block, and now W!'s on regular hit. f+4,4 does not KND unless on CH. f+4 B!'s. f+4,3 and f+4,4 are NCc.

- f+3+4(homing move): A rather situational homing move IMO. i21 so it's really slow, -11 so it's punishable. W!'s though, so that's good. Also breaks walls in combos. ff+4,3 is the better homing move IMO. However some good about this move is that it has a lot more range than you'd expect it to have. At max range it's sorta safe against character with shitty jabs. It also W!'s from a distance which is something to note.

- df+1(standard mid poke): Golden standard. Generic df+1, -1 on block, tracks SSR.

- df+1,3: NC, +8 on hit, +2 on block (too bad it's duckable) and goes into FLA. One of the few places where trying to enforce FLA pressure won't get you killed (when the df+1,3 hits, of course).

- df+2(whiff punisher for quick whiffs): Generic uppercut, has phantom range, i15, safe on block, doesn't launch crouchers. Abusable.

- df+3: More info in FLA WD section. Basically, df+3 is i22, is Baek's most ranged move (unless long dash moves or running moves), launches on CH, HC'able into df+3,4. df+3 is +1 on hit and -11 on block, but opponents won't usually try to punish for fear of the second hit. The second hit W!'s and is -14 with a decent amount of pushback. df+3 tracks against SSR all day.

- df+4(mid poke): Standard 12 frame mid. df+4,4 is NCc. I suggest just using df+4,4 and not actually trying to go into the ender mixups. df+4,4 is safe, the enders are not. Also if you try to HC df+4,4 you might delay the 3 ender, allowing opponent to retaliate with a quick jab string or something. Goes into f+4 enders. Keep in mind df+4 does not track to any direction and neither do the followups.
WARNING: There are instances where the second hit will whiff (some random off axis scenario).

- df+3+4: Standard combo ender. Does unscaled damage (about 12 I believe; a nerf from T6 when it did 17). Has a lower hitbox now. Useless in the open.

- d+1: i14~15 mid punch poke. Tracks for garbage and has short range, but useable at the wall. d+1 is -1~0 on block which is awesome for a poke, as it allows for SS and BD whiff punishment setups (as well as a triple sidestep bait). It's also +9 on hit which is extremely good. This move is GODLIKE for wall pressure.

- d+1,4: d+1,4 is also usable (more so at the wall). d+1,4 is a CH combo and is easy to confirm (d+1 sparks on CH) doing really good damage and is +5 on hit which is great, especially at the wall. The 4 tracks SSR (whole string can be SSL though), and on CH W!'s and as such, the string gains a lot more useability at the wall (you can play with the second hit and it's delayability). It's punishable though at -10, so keep that in mind. In combos d+1 spikes, but no oki possible.
Interesting fact: If they neutral block d+1, the 4 hits.

- d+2: This used to be so good. d+2 is what made his oki game herp derp in DR. d+2 now tracks for garbage against sideroll (unless you dash), has a range problem, and is punishable. Almost solely for if they'll stay down now. d+2 at the wall gives a d+4,4>4 or a 4,4 depending on what you want.

- d+3(standard low poke): i15, crushes jabs. d+3,3,n+3 is L,L,m while d+3,3,d+3 is L,L,L. Tracks sideroll and usable as an oki tool at the wall. Also useable as a combo filler (as in Baek launch, d+3,3,n+3~5). Tracks decently to his right. Good low poke at range.
WARNING: The d+3,3,3 and d+3,3,d+3 mixup is fuzzy guardable. A timed down jab will either block the low, or interrupt the mid.

- d+4: Not-so-generic low. i12, doesn't high crush, -13 on block and -2 on hit. Tracks really well (only Lili can SWL it), so if you expect an opponent to step, you can mix this up with some other mid that tracks the way they're stepping.

- d+4,3,3 (d+4,3 is a good low mid CH): Guaranteed on CH. d+4,3 is -11 on block, d+4,3,3 is launchable on block and -4 on hit. However the opponent more often than not will wait for the low(d+4,3,3,d+3)/mid (d+4,3,3,3; the same as f+4,3 the mid ender) extension which can be all SWL'd.

- d+4,4,4: Only used in wall combos. It's essentially d+4 into magic 4 series except that you can't do 4,3 from it. The ender recovers a bit worse than 4,4, so d+2 is backrollable for a spike.

- db+1: Generic duck jab.

- db+2(primary whiff punisher): Easy mode whiff punisher. Now recovers better so 4,3,3~f combos are possible. -13 on block (better than the -14 Namco loves). Great floater for wall carry.

- db+3: I love this low. db+3 itself is eh, -14 on block, 0 on hit, hits grounded. db+3,3 is NC, death on block (l,h). db+3,3~f(pressure low) is cancelled into FLA, is +8 on hit, -6 on block (ie theoretically you can make this move launch safe against WS launchers that have punch inputs by PPing after) and +11 on hit (ie free 2,2 on CH). Your main tool to chip the opponent while in FLA. It doesn't track all that well, but hey, lows with heavy + like this one don't come by so much.

- db+4: YOLO sweep, -40 on block, seeable (tough, however; test your opponent), launches. His best high crush and also with the most risk.
NOTE: db+4, WS 2,1 combos at the wall.

- db+3+4: Unblockable, hits grounded, accessible from FLA, 61 frames. You can cancel this by hitting b~b and it cancels into FLA. Provides great mindgames when your opponent is on the ground, or while pressuring the opponent if they went to sleep holding back.

- b+1: Auto SSR, punishable at -11, mid. A kind of a lower risk, lower reward b+3 for evasion basically. One of his faster B! moves (i15). I'd rather use b+3 for evasion, but it's usable when you can't b+3 (EG when you are in FLA)

- b+2: Unlike Hwoarang's b+2, Baek's b+2 knocks down on regular hit. Unlike Hwoarang's b+2, this does not give anything special on CH. Punishable at -10, high, but takes a big sidestep to the left. A great way to cut through some pressure and give yourself some breathing room (get it? Cut? With his hand?). Hits rather high too, so it can be crushed rather easily.

- b+3: iFLA transition, takes a HUGE SSR. Combine with manual SSR for great results. Only homing moves can catch this. In most cases you should be fishing with this after safe pokes so that you can step retaliations and get to their back and ruin their Christmas.

- b+4(safe mid CH launching, W! tool that tracks): Safe mid that W!'s. This doesn't have the best hitbox, however (it looks like it has more range than it actually does). But hey, it's safe and it W!'s, so can't really whine about that. Also it tracks to his left (against SSR) like whoa. This now launches on CH, and since it's safe (and mid), it's a kind of a buff. Usable right at the tip as a CH bait tool. Launches FDFA, b+1 will B! if the launch was off axis to your left (ie they SSR and got CH'd) then you can TA to flip them over, else go into solo BT launch combos.
SETUP: On P1, after a blocked uf+2 or ff+3, b+4 cannot be avoided because it will catch BD and will track to Baek's left (which is the only way they can step this move). They can beat it out, however 4 will beat any opponent trying to beat this out.

- ub+4: FALCON KICK! -13 on block, good at long range, but it doesn't have the best of range. Evades some highs, but I wouldn't use it to crush an electric by any means. Tracking is pretty bad.

- u+4,3: Only good as a TA filler (hits after no more than 4 hits). Just forget this move. Don't use it. Abysmal range for something that slow and high. It's cool that it launches, but how can you ever hit someone with this garbage? It does W! for a little over 50 damage, but that's the only pro of this move.

- u+3+4: Situational move at best. u+3+4 has trash tracking, is slow and hits super high. However some good things about this move is that it's a taggable launcher when Hwoarang's your team partner, the GREAT combo they have does a lot of damage, and it's a lot of + on block (though the pushback kinda resets the pace) and the hit stun has changed from T6, and thus ff+4,3 combo from this is really easy and leads to a lot of damage. u+3+4~f is cancel into FLA, while u+3+4~b is just a spinny (almost like a taunt, which is cool).

- uf+2: It bounds (his strongest B! move). It gives +4 OC on block (same on hit), and on CH gives a free d+2 which can break floors. It sounds like a good move, until you realize that it's hitbox is very high, it's range is abysmal, it's slow, and it tracks for garbage. Maybe you can do something with it at the wall, but I don't know.

- uf+3,4,3: Hunting Hawk. This move is solely a combo move. It's hitbox is so wonky in the open field that if a mid-small character is just standing the first hit is blocked, and the second one more often than not goes over their head. It B!'s and is actually a very consistent move in juggles. It's his primary TA filler. It hits after a lot of hits into W!. On Kuma it B!'s at a W!.
Interesting fact: If you neutral guard after blocking the first hit, the second and third one connect.
Interesting fact 2: uf+3,4, d+4,4 is a combo.

- uf+4: Hopekick. 20 frames, mid, does a little bit more damage than standard hopkick, -13. High hitbox (Bryan's Snake Edge will go under it).

- ff+3: A bit slow, but in general this move is great. Outside of tracking, this move does everything else. It moves in, it's safe on block, it's a launcher, it's a B! move, it hits really low, and in certain situations it hits grounded. A great raw tag punisher for safety purposes.

- ff+4,3 (quick safe tracking move): ERMEHGERD I LOVE THIS MOVE! It's the thing Baek has lacked since his meeting the SS system in Tag 1, a quick mid that tracks. ff+4 is amazing. It requires a bit of execution to be able to do it at i18 in the open and i16 buffered from a move, but it's doable. It knocks down for some serious oki options (d+2 is actually a viable option). It's got great range too. The only problem is that it's mh, it doesn't jail and it's not HC (you're committing to the extension). But still, a great move. I would highly recommend using ff+4.
Interesting fact: ff+4,3 on a side turned opponent floats for a combo (jab floats into another ff+4,3).

- bb+2: It's a pimp backhand that looks exactly like the second hit of 2,2, but the properties are all different. It stuns on normal hit (like you would expect a pimp backhand to be), it's safe (like you would expect a pimp backhand to be), and it tracks pretty well to his right (like you would expect a pimp backhand to be). However, it all sounds good on paper, but one MAIN weakness is that this move has pretty trash range. Combined with the fact that it's a bb move, which means you're going farther behind than you really need to, it's not that useful. It's also high, which kinda sucks.

- bb+3+4: It's one of the higher damaging unblockable moves in the game (damage over half life). This move hits high (pretty silly; it should hit mid IMO), is slow (66 frames) and cannot be used as a bait like db+3+4 can, because it cannot be cancelled. However, if you can use it in combos (and some combo makes have, like STL and Marin), it does a LOT of damage (even if it gets scaled hellaciously, it still does over 30 damage on average). It W!'s (no followup possible on regular wall, but on balcony break you can combo off of it) and breaks walls (I have only seen it once for that purpose, and it was in Marin's combo video). It recovers a bit too slow, which is another problem I have with it. Use it VERY RARELY (I have hit a high level player with it once).
Interesting fact: It low crushes. REALLY LATE (I'm guessing around halfway into the animation), but it does.

- CD+3: This is Baek's skyrocket. It's i18 at fastest, hits mid, and launches SUPER high. It's also tag bufferable. It's -17 on block, which is a LOT. However, in TTT2, unlike T6 in which I would say on block it sucked them in, CD+3 has hella pushback. It's still death on block, but now the death is more character specific; some characters with shitty launchers can't launch it (like Steve, Rolex, King etc).

- WS 1,3: See df+1,3.
NOTE: Unlike df+1 which is -1 on block, WS 1 is -2 on block, but unlike df+1 which is +6 on hit, WS 1 is +9 on hit.

- WS 2,1(great for when you ducked something and quickly wanted to launch): Baek's version of Twin Pistons (more comparable to Kazuya df+1,2 though :/ ). It's i15, bounds instantly. Solo he gets about 60 damage (don't hope to get anywhere near half life without walls) because of early bound and the damage on the WS 2,1 isn't a whole lot, but hey, can't complain; some characters don't even have a WS launcher (coughHwoarangcough). TA might get you over 80 with the right tag partner. HC able (and you should HC it because WS 2,1 is -12 on block, but the HC is very difficult so if you can't hitconfirm it it's best to just use it as a punisher).

- WS 3: I really see no application in this move. It hits high, is i16, and goes into same strings as his standing 3 strings (except that the first hit from the standing 3 his gone). One thing to note that WS 3,4,4 is NC (need to test). I don't see where you can apply it ever. One thing is that WS 3,3,3~f is new to TTT2, but again, it's pretty eh (on hit it's only +3 on perfect execution).
WS 3~f however, is awesome. WS 3~f is WS 3 cancelled into FLA. An oldschool setup by FilthieRich is uf,n, WS 3~f+2+3. It just looks confusing, which more often than not will make the opponent go, "WTF is going on?", allowing for free grab. Out of WD, this thing is just AWESOME for trying to lock an opponent down with hesitation, allowing you to run your game in a sick fashion.
Interesting fact: Not gameplay related, but whenever the crowd sees WS 3~f+2+3, they cheer for some funny reason, so if you're a person who loves flash, this move is for you.

- WS 3+4: It may look like the same thing as WS 3 (and it does too), however it W!'s. However, unlike WS 3 which is safe, WS 3+4 is -16 (with a little pushback). Definitely use with caution. I can see it being used as a jab punisher if you duck it (EG after a blocked b+4, duck the jab or high the opponent may throw out in retaliation, and then WS 3+4 W!), but it's a bit risky. I don't use it, but if you want to, more power to you.

More moves below

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