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Originally posted by x MAD AXES x
Pauls shoulder barge (d+1+2) is hopkick punishable

I would stop doing get up f+3+4 as it is highly punishable and if it whiffs you're in even bigger trouble

Start ch hcing 4~2,1 as if you are just throwing it out you'll get launched as it's -16

You talk about using db+1 to crush highs use qcf+2 it is much better

Careful using ws+2,1 as it is m h non jailing if you want a mid ws move use ws+3 it's safe and on hit you get a free ff+2 or you can get a juggle but thats hard so I would advise doing the juggle in matches

You use df+4,2,3 as a wall ender 1+2,4,b,f+1+2 or if you B! then wallcarry and the wall splat is low do df+4,2,b,f+1+2 delaying the last hit for the 60% dmg instead of 40 or less % dmg

Eddy's b+1,4 you can actually ssr after the b+1 and the 4 will whiff but you have to have spot on timing

After a balcony break the max dmg Michelle gets is df+1 then ff+2

Btw you deserved that win and if anyone wasn't playing fair it was him.

That's perfect - a lot of Paul players (online) tend to resort to that when the get ready to start the match. Speaking of which, during an offline casual session with a friend, I find that Michelle's d1+2 works pretty well on block against moves with high push back... That's just interesting.
Thanks for your help again - moving along...
I keep underestimating 1+24bf1+2 and qcf+2 for some weird - I know that 1+2 by itself causes a bound/bind state but that's apparently not the case when the opponent is already bound and if they are towards the wall. As for qcf+2... I noticed that I almost never use that either and I should really be ashamed... really. Against another Kazuya/Zafina player, I actually did qcf+2 twice but I didn't do anything about it because I wasn't thinking at the time (or I was trying to for something else).
Balcony break... I don't think I ever really did a good job maximizing damage from those either, unless I have not bounded the opponent yet.
Thank you for your time! There will be more videos to come for the sake of progression! Happy Easter to you! Lots of TTT2 work to be done...
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