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Pauls shoulder barge (d+1+2) is hopkick punishable

I would stop doing get up f+3+4 as it is highly punishable and if it whiffs you're in even bigger trouble

Start ch hcing 4~2,1 as if you are just throwing it out you'll get launched as it's -16

You talk about using db+1 to crush highs use qcf+2 it is much better

Careful using ws+2,1 as it is m h non jailing if you want a mid ws move use ws+3 it's safe and on hit you get a free ff+2 or you can get a juggle but thats hard so I would advise doing the juggle in matches

You use df+4,2,3 as a wall ender 1+2,4,b,f+1+2 or if you B! then wallcarry and the wall splat is low do df+4,2,b,f+1+2 delaying the last hit for the 60% dmg instead of 40 or less % dmg

Eddy's b+1,4 you can actually ssr after the b+1 and the 4 will whiff but you have to have spot on timing

After a balcony break the max dmg Michelle gets is df+1 then ff+2

Btw you deserved that win and if anyone wasn't playing fair it was him.
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