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b+2,1 on hit, f+12 on hit or block, b+1 on hit, db+1 at far range on hit, f+4 on hit or block, ff+1+2 on block, se1 on block, df+1 hit or block, 2 on hit or block, 1,2 on hit or block.
The trick is to backdash yourself after these moves, because you look like you are still within range but you are hovering on the edge of 0-1 range and for some of them even further that that. You wont avoid everything all the time, especially if they know you are going to do it, but most long range moves that can catch you are slow and you'll avoid hopkicks for sure. Because you aren't so far back most quick moves that people will throw out to outpoke you on your low negative can be whiff punished, except single 1 jabs.
The above moves that are very good + on hit I wont always backdash, I may throw another poke to frustrate them then backdash when I feel they'll probably throw something out. You gotta feel out your opponent.
Sometimes I will just keep poking until they block something because it makes you look like you are going into a mindless pokey frenzy and better opponents who know frames will often take a -1 as an opportunity to slip in a magic 4 or something like that. Then they look at you in disbelief because nobody ever whiff punishes their magic 4 wtf mang and you just grin.
Also another tip not many people know. dick jabs, ie generic FC d+1, d+2 are both launch punishable on whiff.

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