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I like to use pushback moves and will often back off even on hit, to make people think they can attack and then whiff punish what they throw out. I consider ss so obvious I didn't bother to mention it. It's not an indication of preference or anything.
I also do not ss jab arc blast because, well, you can't do that on reaction. You are anticipating and committing to it, not seeing it. A single 1 jab is much too fast of a recovery to 15 frame punish it. 1,2's and such yeah sure, but not a single 1 jab.
If I expect them to poke like that, super safe, and want to ss for a blind attack I ss+2. Much safer. Against a good opponent if you love your ss arcblast too much that you are doing it out of habit you will quickly find yourself running into -14 punishes a lot more than you would like.

An example of what I mean by backing off on hit. You'll find that a lot of people will lose their patience and attack or try to ch you with magic 4 or something like that after a certain number of quick pokes regardless of hit or block. So I backdash that attempt and then whiff punish it.
Most of my game is based around whiff punish. If this was boxing you'd call me an outboxer. A good player that knows how to really get in there and infight is a real nightmare for me. I'm not good at it. Trying to get better, but it just doesn't come natural.

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