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@ Hades drops It's safe and you can bait jabber like this uf+4 duck opponent 1,2 then you can launch only works once though. I think it's around +5 on hit.

@Great_Dark_Hero Thanks Yeah d,df+1,4,1 is great when the opponent ducks then tried to attack this beats them for ch, but you have to train your opponent for it (was surprised it didn't hit and thats why I didn't attempt the juggle) The changs qcf+2 is safe (-8) watch out though as it is a high so duckable. 1+2,4,b,f+1+2 is the strongest wall ender solo they have, you san ssl 1 or ssl f+1 to get a jab in after b+1
e.g Changs d+1+2 W! b+1 ssl 1 (f+1 with Michelle) 1+2,4,b,f+1+2. The 2~b 1+2 was a punish don't know if it was the max damage if someone knows please tell us. on the second video there was only 1 ch there is a trick with 4~2,1 where if the punch misses but the kick hits the 1 is guaranteed. I don't think d+1+2 hits grounded but the max damage Michelle can get grounded is ff+2 and with Jaycee it's d+2+3. No problem i'm here to help anyone if they need it.
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