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Originally posted by x MAD AXES x
Just uploaded these two videos any help is appreciated. ps dont read the comment that guy (cherry le) has annoyed me so much.

These are amazing! Thank you MAD AXES. During a ranbat series this last weekend in Kaiserslautern, I fought a moderately good King and Lee player. d,df1~4,1 has never been so trustworthy for me - a good way of getting counter hits, especially against hop kicks (though, it does hit high).

I don't think I ever made use of the d,df+2 launcher seriously even offline...! It might be a good idea if I started to now -
you made it clear towards beginning of the Mishima video that it is trustworthy and it seems a bit hard to react to. Tag bufferable as well for some good red life damage. Also, you made use of 1+2,4,bf+1+2 as a wall combo.
I often made use of df+423 or df+42bf1 as a wall combo. 1+2,4bf+1+2 is probably one of the more damaging options.
That DJ/Kaz player was annoyingly powerful... I like how you predicted a wake up low kick from Devil Jin towards the middle of the match when he was cornered - very well done! Also, another thing you did that was pure genius was... 3:06, where you did b+2(hold back) to switch places and wall splat him with 1+2 - that ended the match right there!! LOL Sweet.
03:44 - My point about d,df+1~4,1... very nice. You got a counter hit and now you're on the advantage.
I like how you started getting slightly aggressive towards the end. Devil Jin was nearly out of health...!
(I typing this as I watch these two. Putting these on my favorites asap XD)

Next video.
Damn! You got like... 4 counter hits in a row and finished the first round quickly. That's something I would have done. The timing of that was just spectacular! Apparently, the Wind Roll mix-ups tend to scare people a lot... kind of a consecutive wave dash would because of the mix ups that do follow after the fact. If the opponent is floored I usually resort to going for d+3 or d+1+2 for oki, but ff+1 is a really good way of catching back rollers.
I learned a lot from your vids so far! I'll use these as a reference to get better and show some results! Thank you so much!
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