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Based on my experience with Miguel from this game, he can tag with about any character. My perspective on some of his tag partners (for a Miguel "mainer")

- Kazuya
This is somewhat of a no brainer due to the tools that he has that Miguel does not have (good punishers, technical movement (crouch dash), and heavy mix up game. However, I personally believe that it takes a long time to perfect this character...

- Jinpachi
Miguel and Jinpachi is the primary team I have been using due to Jinpachi's style being opposite of Miguel. Jinpachi brings some serious punishers (i10 KND 1,2; i12 KND b+1,2; i14 d/f+2 launch) as well as his dangerous risky 50/50 mix-ups. Also, he can play keep out (high tracking b+4 to keep opponents out and bait; u+4 - a mid hitting knee that guarentees a free d+4 and creates another 50/50 game). What Jinpachi lacks (poking game, character movement ex: no backdash, but he has b+3+4 to get him out of opponents poking range) Miguel can compliment him with his tools.

Talk about applying pressure! Man, she can do it better than anyone in this game. She has superior mobility, evasive attacks, and offensive pressure that can your opponent go crazy! Only downfall to using her with Miguel is that he hates her (-2 Netsu: if this plays a role in having a partner for him), but I wouldn't let that determine my partner for anyone.

Other notable tag partners: Bob, Armor King