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My favorite moves in no particular order :

1,2 serie, all options after are delayable so it's very good.

d/f+3 serie, i17 punisher and even more extensions. Can pick up roll and tag crashes.

d/f+1 Nice range.

d/b+2, the "I do everything move" lol i16, safe, KD, punish pushback moves like Heihachi ff+2, wall splat, full juggle on CH, anti stance move (like Capos Relax stance).

d+3 Above average speed for a nice 24 point of damage (And in rage mode, well.. abuse it and it's your opponent that will rage ^^)

b+4 Safe i14 mid, long range so it can punish consistently things like Jack-6 and P-Jack d/f2 or Steve DUK 2 (f+3,2).

d+2,4 Safe and damaging, can't be reverserd.

VTS tackle Hard to break.
Sometimes, when the opponent break it, there is an animation where Marduk ends up in a Full Crouch state : who is at an advantage after that ? I couldn't verify this in practice mode, I'd like to know if I can continue my offense with WS+1 after the break ..

VTS d+1+2 unseeable powerlow (But horrible on block), if you place yourself well near the wall, you have a wall throw (I wonder if there are any other possibilities in case of wall splat ?).

VTS 2 Has a lot of tracking, wall splat, safe, huge damage on CH.

I'm still not at ease with throws and follow ups, I'm starting to use them more, my favourites are f,hcf+1, damage and okizeme, qcb+1+2 for the 1+2 break and oki, and VTS 2+4 leaves the opponent close to the ground, Face Up Feet Away.

EDIT (10 sept 2013) :

My list has changed since last time,

I keep :

1,2 (serie)
d/f+3 (serie)
VTS Tackle (safe and can't be reversed, only broken)
VTS d+1+2 (If Wall Splat, you can use the universal tag bound 1+2+5 for a full combo)

I add :

VTS 1 / WS1 : i11 crouch punisher, can go into VTS by pressing 3+4 after and you can do WS1,2 (VTS1,2) as well : 2 is safe, high, if WS1 hit on CH, 2 is guaranteed, even if delayed.

If it is the 2 that hit on CH, the opponent will fall on his knees then on his head, this is where you get a ground throw mixup : Side step in the direction the head fall and do either d/b+1+3 (Juggle) or d/b+2+4 (good damage).

Opponent can escape your throw mixup, but it will be more a guess than reflexes since the animation of the arms will be the same.

d/b4 : when it hit, both of you falls to the ground, you can rise into a crouching state and FC3 is guaranteed (Yes, it is FC3 and not get up kick 3).

f,hcf1 : 11f throw, 50 point of damage and awesome oki.

f+1+2 : It is not repertoried as a homing move and indeed can be avoided, though it has alot of tracking, both ways, I'd say it is one of the most homing of the non homing moves lol.

It is i15, 39 points of damage, -12 on block, but you can do f+1+2,2, the 2 gives a full CH combo, but is -14. It is enough to make opponent being afraid of attacking after f+1+2.
I consider it is risky, but the good speed, power and tracking is very enjoyable.

It's hard to name only 10 moves I still use d+3, b+4, d+2,4, VTS 2 and other moves like f+2 serie, u/f+3, u/f+4, d+1, ff+2, throws, I think he has a very good movelist.

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