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I made this a while back but I better be back to finishing it I'm about 15% done and I hope you find it useful. With the exception of Kuma/Panda and Eddy/Christie each character has there own punishment list for Kuma, this will make it a little easier as some clones differ slightly. I was using a similar template to BlackPriest's T6 Paul guide but I did not copy/paste because it is a new game. Later on, I'll Bold important moves that you have to punish no matter what so that will include lows like Snake Edge to Kazuya's 1,1,2. Obviously, there is going to be a few errors in this so please PM if you see one, or a better punisher that could be used. I'll need to reserve about 10 slots because it's a lot longer than expected but here it goes:

To Start off, here is Kuma's punishers.

Kuma's Punishers

Standing Punishment
i10 - 2,1_f+1 (27 Dmg, +2 on hit_9 Dmg, +8 on hit)
i11 - 1,2 (29 Dmg, +6 on hit)
i12 - d/b+1,2 (34 Dmg, 0 CR on hit)
i13 - f+2,1 (41 Dmg, KND, W!)
i14 - d+1+2 (33 Dmg, KND, W!)
i15 - BTP (Launch, Tag Bufferable)
i16 - u/f+3 (Launch)
i17 - f+1+2 (Launch, Tag Bufferable)
i20 - f,f+2 (Launch, Tag Bufferable)

While Standing Punishment
i11 - ws+4 (27 Dmg, +4 on hit?)
i13 - ws+1,1 (39 Dmg, KND)
i15 - ws+2 (Launch, Tag Bufferable)

* BTP = Bear Twin Pistons = d/f+2,1

Note: Remember that the bolded moves are moves that you can't let your opponent get away with. If you think that there is moves that should or should not be in bold please tell me. If you have any suggestions or comments again please tell me. This is a work in progress. If I don't finish this by the time GTA V is out, it will never be finished.
Estimate Completion: Summer 2013

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