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Originally posted by Katt
df+2 d+1 does not work, testet. But I did find out that df+2 ff+2 actually combo, but it's really hard. Tested on Ling as well, I'm tempted to call it a justframe but it might be more like 2 frames.

It did feel fairly tricky but I agree that I don't think it's a just-frame.

It works with the combo after trying it out, but sadly it's not worth it unless you're doing it on a character like Jinpachi or Paul who can get hit by 4,4. ff+2 just doesn't do enough damage to make it a decent replacement.

For example:
d/f+2, ff+2 B! TA! ff+3 (hold) f+2,4, deep dash 1, f+3 CDc d+4,4 - 88 damage
d/f+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, ff+2 B! TA! b+2,4 ff+3 - 86 damage
d/f+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, ff+2 B! TA! SSR QCB+2,4 f+3~CD 1+2 - 88 damage

The first and third combo do exactly the same damage, and IMO the third one is a lot easier to pull off. The first combo does 92 damage though with the 4,4 ender so it's still fairly viable in that case even though it only does 2 more points than the next best thing.
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