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Hi! I'm no Miguel pro either but I main him. my top 10

- df+1 & follow ups & SAV mix ups.
- d+4_df+3, 2_df+4 for long range pokes.
- db+3 for low poke and SAV mix ups.
- SAV d+4, 3 comes handy(I throw this twice per set and sometimes once per round)
- f+4 for long range poke and to keep steppers in check
- b+4_f+3, 4 wall splatter move! yeah!
- while standing 2,2 for anti jab spammers!(back dash right away if you're of axis because the 2nd 2 will probably won't hit)
- SAV df+2 with a good distance from your opponent, this is a deadly launcher! and it hits grounded! crushes High attacks too! so if you hit df+1~f you get +6 frames, and if you know he's gonna retaliate with 1,2 jabs then SAV df+2 his nuts! lol
- ff+2, 2_ff+2, 2~d to cancel 2nd hit for a good mix up to FC df+4_FC df+2, throw or HOP KICK!
- the ultimate uf+4 HOP KICK in the face! lol the golden move! This is gonna be your priority. Mix ups should lead to uf+4 because any time soon, he's gonna duck!

very handy options:
- f+2+3 shoulder tackle! Long range and gives a block stun. Use this to close into your opponent to keep the pressure.
- db+1 for some intense situations. You get a WS 4, d+4, 1+2 then oki. Charge for a full combo launcher(don't abuse db+1. its launch punishable)
- SAV db+4 like db+1 gets a WS 4, d+4, 1+2 as well but your opponent will be further away from you. be ready he might back roll. (launch punishable as well)

with these tools, any time a round it will make your opponent duck! when you see it coming, HOP KICK him in the FACE!