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Some quick Bryan/Dragunov, exact numbers to come later, but mostly 90+ and easy enough execution

Bryan point
u/f+4, d/b+2 f+41 B! F+443 ff+3 (Hold) 92
JU, f+1+2, f+41 B!F+443 ff+3 (Hold)
ws+1, b+2 1, f+41 B!F+443 dash ff+2

Dragunov point
(Qcf+1/d/f+2/ws+2/qcb+2), f+443, f+1, ff+2 B! b+2,4ff+3
qcf+2, f+24, ff+2 B! b+214 ff+3 (tricky, but huge damage)
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