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Practice practice. It takes a while but I tell you, their(Changs) offense revolve around that d,df+1 thingy called the shotgun. My first ever shotgun combo was uf+4,3 1,2 d,df+1~3~1+2 B! d,df+1,2. Try it, it's relatively easier than the others. You can also end this with a ff+2 to spike them down for some oki damage.

As for non shotgun combos, you can try the ones posted above and uf+4,3 ff+1, ff+1, ff+1, ff+1,4. Once you get better, you can then input d,df+1~(whatever) after the first ff+1. I hope this helps.

As an added tip, if you're using a square gate stick, what you can do is think of it as a "sloppy" df input. What I do is from neutral, I move the stick towards df but slightly off-angle that I hit the down actuator first before sliding towards the df corner of the stick's gate or restrictor plate.