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Ugh, ws+1 is -13. Geez... Oh yeah, I did start using Miharu's 2,1,4 tag fillers a few days after this match took place (I was originally afraid of doing that tag filler combo because I thought Michelle would probably have too many hits, but that's not the case - very easy to combo into isw. I also realize the Michelle can also combo into isw herself after three d,df+1,4~1 loops, with the third loop ending with 1+2 for the bound.
I will definitely make use of ff+2 after a knockdown.
If the opponent did try to predict a low from the Shot Gun variant, I would try to go for d,df+1,4~3,1 for a good mid hitting blow. The 3 can be used as a frame trap of sorts because several opponents I fought against fell for either one of those strikes.

Hey, thank you so much! I do have more Michelle videos coming right up! I'll get the uploaded something this week!
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