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- you whiff alot with your characters be careful unless you'll get launched
- I would never do df+3+4 with Michelle because for some weird reason the second hit of it will whiff it is also launch punishable, qcf+2 is her best high crush is a high but safe if they don't duck it of course do this instead.
-d,df+1,4 is a good mix up but you only go for the low which means your opponent will predict it and you will get launched, do stuff like d,df+1,4 wait for roll to finish ff+1/d,df+1,4 again/ df+1 if they are crouching you can get ff+3 but is strict timing/mad axes and more of course
- Yes ws+1 is one of her safer launchers but still -13 which hurts
- don't get up b+3+4 because it is highly punishable
- change your juggle to launcher 4 d,df+1,4,1 d,df+1,4,1+2~5 B! Miharu f+2,1,4 Michelle isw its to most damage michelle can get with miharu.
- After Michelles ws+3 Michelle gets a ff+2 or dash 4~2,1 bbut thats hard
- After Michelles f+3~1 if they try to get up you can float them with ff+1 if they lay there ff+2 (ff+2 is always guaranteed though)
- Juns f+2 is launch punishable
- Juns f+4 is +3? on block
- Juns f+1+2 is +5 on hit you have to guess the mix up
- Juns uf+4,3 is -13 Michelle gets 2~b 1+2 miharu gets f+1+2

Anyway congrats on that win.
Any other replays you want us to watch?
http://rbnorway.org/ttt2-frame-data/ use this for frame data.
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