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Originally posted by HirakuNoShadow
Pretty much the identical to what sandilord posted, although I think these are easier to connect for LP:
b+4, 1, f+3~CD4, d+4,4 = 42
b+4, 1, f+3~CDc 4,1, d+4,4 = 43

Wrong way round first one does 43 the second does 42.

I seem to be dropping the d+2, WS+4 more often than missing the iWS+4, and I feel that CD+4, d+4,4 isn't consistent enough for me to use it over the +1 dmg.

Hmm, I've felt the other way about it but to be honest it's all about preference. I'm looking into who can be hit by the 47 damage LP, quite a few so far which is a decent sign but I haven't tried with every character.

iWS+4, 1, f+3~CDc 4,3, B!, f+3~CDc d+4,4 (-4) <- I think this is still optimal for TA!

Just as a general unrelated note, this won't work with f+1+2. But I appreciate you looking into b+2, WS+1 which has added an extra point of damage to my TA with f+1+2