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@tyler2k I've found some more combos for CH (i)WR+2:
=iWS+4, f+1, f+3~CDc 1,3,2, B!, f+3~CD1+2 - 88dmg
=iWS+4, 3,1, f+1,3,2, B!, f+3~CD1+2 - 89dmg (req deep dash for iWS+4, doesn't work on Ling and most likely other smalls; rather inconsistent)
=iWS+4, f+1, f+3~CDc 1,3,2, B!, f+3~CDc d+4,4 - 90dmg (possibly the max solo dmg from CH WR+2, DOES work on Ling and feels consistent)

and some more B! saving wallcarry for d/f+2_qcf+1_qcb+2_WS+2:
=f+4,4,3, 3,1,2 (omit the last 2 or 1,2 as necessary)
=f+4,4,3, f+1, f+3~CDc 4,1 (one of Drag's longest wallcarry without B! I think)
=4,1, 4,1, d+4,1,3 (omit the last 3 as necessary)

Some Drag/Kaz combos, both TA! and/or red-health killing:
blue for normal red health dmg
red for complete red health dmg
black for no red health dmg

CH WR+2, iWS+4, f+1, f+3~CDc 1,3,2~5, B!, [KAZ ssl HS 1], ff+3 - 105 dmg (consistent; CDc 4,3 for easier ender)
CH WR+2, iWS+4, 3,1, f+1,3,2~5, B!, [KAZ ssl HS 1], ff+3 - 106 dmg (max TA! dmg from CH WR+2; doesn't work on Ling)
d/f+2, f+4,4,3, f+1, ff+2~5, B!, [KAZ ssl HS 1], ff+3_f+3~CD1+2 (staple TA! combo) - 88_89dmg
DRA qcf+1~5_qcb+2~5_WS+2~5, KAZ 3,1,4, d/f+1,2, B!, HS 1 - 76(+4/-7)dmg
DRA qcf+2~5, KAZ EWGF, d/f+1,2, B!, 3,1, ff+2 - 80dmg

CH d/f+2, (1,2),4,3, d/b+2~5, B!, [DRA f+4,4,3] KAZ CD+3 - 100dmg (easymode CH d/f+2 TA!)
EWGF, EWGF, ff, b+2,4, d/b+2~5, B!, [DRA ssl f+4,4,3], KAZ CD+3 - 100dmg
EWGF, EWGF, d/f+3, d/f+1,2~5, B!, [DRA ssl f+4,4,3], KAZ CD+3 - 99dmg (staple TA! combo)
EWGF~5, DRA f+2,4, f+3~CDc 4,3, B!, [KAZ ssl HS 1], DRA ff+3 - 104dmg
EWGF, EWGF~5, f+1, f+3~CDc 1,3,2, B! f+3~CDc d+4,4 - 84dmg
EWGF~5, DRA f+2,4, f+3~CDc 4,3, B!, f+3~CDc d+4,4 - 89dmg
EWGF~5, DRA f+2,4, f+3~CDc 1,3,2, B!, f+3~CD1+2 - 90dmg (this seems to work on all char since the EWGF launches high enough for the f+3 follow-up to be connected after the f+2,4)
EWGF~5, DRA f+4,4,3, f+1,3,2, B!, f+3~CD1+2 - 90dmg
EWGF~5, DRA f+4,4,3, f+1, f+3~CDc f+1, ff+2 B!, f+3~CD1+2 - 90dmg
WS+1,2~5, DRA f+4,4,3, f+1, f+3~CDc f+1, ff+2, f+3~CD1+2 - 88dmg

b+4,3, W! DRA b+1+2~5, B!, [KAZ d/f+3,2,1], DRA f+2<4 - 105dmg
b+4,1, W! KAZ f+4~5_d/b+2~5, B! [DRA f+3~CDc b+2,1,3], KAZ b+3,1,4,3 - 106dmg

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