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Useful Launchers
d/f+2- Safe

u/f+1- Safe

SS+2- Yeah, it's -14 but whatever! Like I mentioned in the evasion section you shouldn't be just tossing this out there anyway. You should be SSing and confirming a whiff then pressing 2. Huge damage and not that difficult to use properly. There's a handful of characters that can launch it on block so be careful against them. (Bryan, Mishimas, Ganny, Lars)

u/f+2>1- Fairly Safe. The u/f+2 by itself is -10 which isn't too bad. This is a delayable string so someone wanting to punish with i10 after it is going to be at fear of eating a CH since [u/f+2]1 float launches. With that being said u/f+2,1 blocked is -13 meaning you're going to eat a chunk of damage if you throw it out carelessly. THIS IS A HIT CONFIRMABLE STRING. If u/f+2 hits you get the 1.

4- Okay, so this doesn't always launch but it's a VERY useful tool and deserves to be listed under launchers for that reason. You can snag red health with M4 [dash] 1 QCF1~5 OR you can do a high damage solo combo with M4 [dash] 1 iWS1 SSR d/f+1 iWS1x4 1+4 B! iWS1 ff+3

d/b+3+4- This should be use ONLY AS A PUNISHER and has the ability to tag buffer. If you throw this out just to get a launch and it gets blocked say bye bye to your health bar.

b+1+4- Same as d/b+3+4 ONLY AS A PUNISHER can also tag buffer.

WS2- This is pretty quick and it's -13 but it can tag buffer. The thing you need to keep in mind when using this as a WS punisher is that it has gimp range so in many cases you're going to have to stick with WS1,1+2.

d+3,2- Unlike in T6 this is now -13 BUT it's a NCc and it can tag buffer. It also high crushes.

QCF4,2- Granted it's a MH string that doesn't jail it still yields decent damage. With the addition that it's a knee and can only be parried or what not it makes this a decent tool to have.

d/b+2- Again this doesn't always launch but it will always wall splat and it launches on CH for HEFTY damage. Not to mention it's Nina's tracking move and it's completely safe on block

QCF1- In T6 I would have said forget this move, but in TTT2 it give a TON of damage which is all red since you can tag buffer off it. The only thing you have to keep in mind is your sub character has to have a move that will flip. (For example with NinaJC qcf1~5ff+3 d,d/f+1,3,1 d,d/f+1,4,1+2~5f+4,3,3iSW it's over 100 damage and the execution isn't all that hard.

Strings to the back
4,3,2- Launch and combos to the back
3,3,2- Launch and combos to the back
d+3,2_FC d+3,2- Launch and combos to the back

Red Life Options
Nina is excellent at taking redlife when she is tagged in due to her extremely high damage output and excellent wall carry. Nina also excells at allowing her partner to take red life from alsmot any launcher. Typically Nina doesn't need to use TA due to her high damage, BUT Nina can send that opponent in at almost any time.

Options for the sub to take red life:
d/f+2 QCF1~5
SS2 QCF1~5
CH d/b+2 QCF1~5
M4 [dash] 1 QCF1~5
u/f+1 d+3,2~5
CH d/b+2 d+3,2~5
ss+1+2 [dash] d+3,2~5
M4 d/b+3+4~5 W!
B! b+1+4~5 W!
B! QCF1~5 W!

Options for Nina to take red life when tagged in:
Low Tags
Point ~5 Nina 1+4 B! SSR iWS1x3 iWS1,1+2
Point ~5 Nina d+4,1 [fill as you see fit]

Stun Tags/Medium
Point ~5 Nina d/f+1 d/f+3,2 iWS1x4 1+4 B!

High Tags
Point ~5 Nina d/f+3,2 SSR1~b~u/f+4 iWS1x3 1+4 B!

Highest Tags
Point ~5 Nina u/f+4 d/f+1 WS1x5 1+4 B!
Point ~5 Nina qcf1~5

These are just examples you may fill them as you see fit or to the best of your abilities. The combos listed are directly off tag buffed launches. The hits will vary depending on how many hits prior to the point character's ~5.

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