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Originally posted by shisui
hey can anyone help me find a TA for my dragunov to use ... my team howrang/drag

What kind of combos are you doing pre-bound for both characters? Regardless I found a little combo for you by screwing around for 5 minutes:

Hwoarang starter, Dragunov filler
b+3, b+4, f+3~df+3 B! TA! f+4,4,3 d+3+4,3 - 89 damage

Originally posted by tyler2k
Jinpachi WS+2~5, Drag (d/f+1+2), f+4,4,3, 1, f+3~CDc, 1, f,f+2, B!, f+3~CD 1+2

Dunno how useful this'd be for you but you can also do:
Jinpachi WS+2~5, Drag f+2,4, ff, 1, f+3~CDc 4,3 B!, ff, 3,1,2

Does exactly the same damage, but it feels a lot easier on smaller characters.