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Okay, I hit the lab and was testing Jinpachi WS+2~5 into Dragunov, since b+4,3 does better damage than my b+2,1 combo, but at the same time is way less consistent landing as it requires pretty good timing. For some context my BnB is:
Jinpachi WS+2~5, Drag (b+1+2), b+2,1, 1, f+3~CDc, 4,3, TA!, Jinpachi SSR+2,1, Drag f,f+3

After messing around timing and options I discovered that a whiffed d/f+1+2 is about the perfect timing for both b+4,3 and f+4,4,3 (which also works, similar to d/f+2, f+4,4,3...). It's important to note that you'll need to do a proper CC otherwise WS+4 will come out.
Jinpachi WS+2~5, Drag (d/f+1+2), b+4,3, 1, f+3~CDc, 4,3, TA!, Jinpachi SSR+2,1, Drag f,f+3
Jinpachi WS+2~5, Drag (d/f+1+2), f+4,4,3, 1, f+3~CDc, 1, f,f+2, B!, f+3~CD 1+2
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