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I can say you're not brain dead mate, you don't do the same sh!t over and over again ( aka Jun,Asuka etc, the routine players i am referring to ).
Your opponent doesn't fear you, he doesn't have that ( if i do that... he will punish me or side step..mmm....)
You must make him flinch, once he loses his cool, you might get the upper hand
( seen people win with perfect round(s) because they psyched the opponent out, but in the next match the loser retook his position and won )

But Tekken is full of cheap tricks ( Chreddy is the cheapest )... The routine players use cheap tricks all the time tho.

Well i think you play good ( i like you man ), but only way to become better is to learn all fundamentals of Tekken ( if you don't already do ) and fight STRONG players, avoid brain deads and noobs, fight the routine player's, they only use cheap tricks and this will give you a insight of when to defend or attack ( or to duck ), so you learn their traps and sh!t.
*Then you learn their traps which even "PRO'S" might want to try using against you.

Well fuck do i know, it's just how i learned to beat down morons like that ( if i'm not just fucking around ).

PS: "Tekken" is reading your opponent, the knowledge of combos, maximizing damage, wall carrying, countering/evading and its more of a mind game then a "brawl" game when you really get into it.
Step by step you will learn, as i am, you don't just get "PRO" over the night.
Fight strong players, you will get better, eventually.