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while messing with lars/drag i found:

lars ws1_ff2~f~SE3~5, drag 132~5, lars ff2~f~SE1, drag 4,4_(f3~cdc) 94/101 dmg
drag CH wr2, iws4, 132~5, lars ff2~f~SE3, drag 4,4_(f3~cdc) 101 dmg
drag CH f(2)4, 43~5, lars ff2~f~SE1, drag f3~cdc~1+2_2 around 95 dmg

really easy to do. Only SE3 for wr2, bc SE1 fuck up the 4,4 ender. For consistency let lars going to his max range on the other side after ff2 or the last hit of 4,4 will miss. I'm using ff2 instead of f3,ws2 to sandwich, weird but it seems it deals more dmg and also its easier to do. any other options?

Edit: after some more testings, turns out that lars ff2 as Ta filler is mainly cool but not that useful, especially in wall stages. ch f24 combo is the only one i would keep.

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