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(1)Punishing list:
1+2: 1,2,3,4,3
1+2,1: 4,3,3~f
f+2,2,2: FC d+1
df+1,2 (no delay): 2,2
df+4: WS 4,4,3~f
df+4,3,4: df+2 (NOTE: if you block the df+4 and stay ducking for the high you can WS 2,1)
d+1,n,2: 2,2
d+1+2: b+4
d+3+4(,4,4,4): CC, CD+3; uf+4
d+3+4(,4,4,4),2: df+2
db+3: WS 2,1
b+1,2: 4,3,3~f
b+3: 2,2 (only if your back is to the wall)
b+4 (shallow hit): 1,2,3,4,3 (not if at absolute max range)
uf+4: 4,3,3~f
ff+4: f+1+2,4
ff,n,2: WS 2,1
WS 2,2: 4,3,3~f
WS 1+2: 1,1 (sometimes it's -9, sometimes -10, so I would just go for 1,1 if you don't want to risk eating a b+1,2 from him for getting 2,2 blocked)
FC df+2: 1+2,4
BT 3: df+2, b+4 (from far away)
3+4,df+4: b+4
CD+1+2: WS 4,4,3~F

(2)General Playstyle:
Poking, throws

(3)Matchup discussion:
- I would suggest learning to break GS(f,hcf+1)/iSW(f,f,f+2+4) by seeing the animation of the grab rather than seeing the hands; other than that you can rely on the hands.

- DON'T duck, especially if you are proficient in breaking those throws. Hopkick hurts.

- When King's back is to the wall, breaking GS is extra important, as well as breaking u+1+2~b (GS when King's back is to the wall is, on most occasions, GGs; u+1+2~b gives a W! when King's back is to the wall which is also GGs in most situations).

- If King player loves to grab, CH tools kinda become useless (throws do not CH).

- df+2,1 should be ducked. It's NCc, and duckable ON HIT as well as block. It's a bit fast, so you need to be on the ball to duck it every time.

- d+1,n,2 isn't as good as AK's d+1,n,4 (it creates a bit of space unlike AK's).

- b+1,2 hurts a lot on whiff. b+3 hurts bad if your back is to the wall. SS hopkick also hurts bad. Also, FC
df+2 is a great whiff punisher, but it comes from crouch. Oldschool King players do b,b,DB and look for a whiff. d+1 into grabs/FC df+2 is a really scary mix-up. What I mean is don't whiff.

- Air iSW oki is very, very nasty. If you get up straight after it, you get floated into a full combo all over again. If you stay down or side roll you eat ground throw. At a basic level, to avoid the oki, a delayed get up will get around everything, but then they can delay their float or use an ali kick for 'guaranteed' damage.

(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:

(3)Matchup discussion:

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