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(1)Punishing list:
df+1: 4,3,3~f

(2)General Playstyle:
Oki monster

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Craig db+2. The newest addition to his moveset and a pain to deal with. It's basically a Bruce b+2, in the sense that it's safe (YES IT'S SAFE), KND on NH, combo on CH and great range. It's faster than Bruce b+2 at i16, but like Bruce b+2 it doesn't track at all and can be walked both ways. Familiarise yourself with its range.

- Craig 2,1 and 2,d+1+2 is option selectable but it's hard as balls - a timed qcb will duck the high and block the mid.

- Craig is huge like Jinpachi - while open field combos are easier, wall TA combos don't work the same way on them because their big legs hit the floor before everyone else's. Baek 2,3 FLA f+3>d+4,4>4 doesn't work; you have to omit the 2,3.

- Craig is easy to crush. His jabs are very high hitting, and a few of his mids are crushable with Baek too.

- Learn to break grabs. If Craig hits you with a grab, most of the good ones leave you in a terrible position.

- Be up close and careful SWR - don't b+3 because Craig df+1 will usually hit you always.

Dr Boskonovitch:
(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:

(3)Matchup discussion:

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