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Bob/Slim Bob
(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:
Poke poke poke sidestep; keepout; CH fishing

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Bob is a very annoyingly good character. His jabs, first of all, have extremely good range and almost act as magic 4's, except they trade the CH launch for speed and recovery. So your main concern when trying to get in an a Bob is to thread the needle and go between his jabs (which of course he can mix up how many jabs he wants to do).

- Bob's range game is also good due to a bevy of his moves reaching super far, like CD+1, uf+1+2,1+2 (for whiff punishment), ff+2, and because you as Baek have very few options, and even less that are safe, it's a tough road ahead of you.

- When you get up close, Bob's SS 1+2 is like one and a half sidesteps together. That, coupled with the fact that Baek's tracking is not the best in the world, really limits your options up close in a broader sense. Also because if you try to do your tracking moves more often, Bob's df+2, which is a great CH tool, will catch you, so it's about reading the opponent and deciding what he will do and go ahead accordingly. To beat df+2 you must either SSR or mash faster. To beat SS 1+2 you can either backdash or advance with a ff+4. It's all about being able to predict what the Bob player does.

- When Bob is on offense, it's rough. That is because his df+1 will catch SSR and df+2 will catch SSL, in a very basic sense. SWL against a poking Bob (df+1, db+3, jabs etc), and SWR against a more risky Bob (Hellsweep, df+2 etc). You need to play smart, make reads and try to establish your own momentum.

(1)Punishing list:
1,4,3: df+2
d+4: WS 2,1
d+3,4: Block low autoduck the high, WS 2,1 or CC df+2. If low hit and high blocked, go to 'How to deal with MTS'.
db+3,4: See above
f+2,4: 4,3,3~f
f+2,3: WS 4,4,3~f
1,2,1: 2,2
1,2,1,2: 4,3,3~f
1,2,3 or 2,3: 2,2
1,2,d+4 or 2,d+4: WS 2,1 or low parry.
3,2: 4,3,3~f
3,2~f: db+1 (punishes and interrupts)
4~f: FC d+1
f+4,3: 2,2 or db+1 to go under (f+4,3,)4 and punish f+4,3
f+3,1: Duck and WS 2,1, else safe
df+1,2: 2,2
df+1,4: WS 4,4,3~f
df+1,2,1,4: 4,3,3~f or duck the third hit and WS 2,1
df+2: 4,3,3~f
df+3,1: Go make a tea, have it slow, come back, and CD+3
df+3+4,3,3,3,3: Third and fourth hit, df+2, Fifth hit CD+3
d+3+4: 4,3,3~f
d+3,4~f_db+3,4~f: 4,3,3~f (Interesting fact about db+3 is that if you think it's coming, you can jump over him with Baek pretty easily)
db+2: 4,3,3~f
db+2,1: 4,3,3~f
db+2,1,4: df+2
db+4: df+2
db+3+4: WS 4,4,3~f_LP on reaction
b+1,2,1: 4,3,3~f
b+3,4: f+1+2,4
b+4,3: 2,2
ub+3+4,4: 2,2
b+4,3,4: CD+3 or interrupt the third hit with df+2.
uf+4: 4,3,3~f
uf+3: 4,3,3~f
uf+3+4: 1+2,4
CD+2: 1+2,4
CD+3: WS 4,4,3~f
CD+3+4,3+4: CD+3
WS 2,1: Duck 2nd hit and WS 2,1 or block both hits and 2,2
WS 2: 2,2
FC df+4: WS 4,4,3~f (except for far-max range), CC b+4 (really tough)
FC df,d,df+1 (aka Sagat Shoryuken)

(2)General Playstyle:
CH hunting, spacing

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Learn to fuzzy guard/option select between:

- Bruce's tracking is ass (except for b+1+2 and 3+4, most of his moves don't track). His grab game and low game is pretty weak (no oki from his grabs whatsoever). His pressure game is also average. For the most part Bruce will be looking to space you out with b+2, and magic 4, and poke every once in a while with standing 3 (i13, good range but ass tracking) and d+4 (his not so generic low that you can launch for some happy times)

- Learn to launch MTS transitions on whiff. Also, some Bruce players (the not-so-smart ones), since they read about how cheap BLACK 2 (b+2 is his best move; i17, has great range and is barely safe, but it's tracking is ass) is on teh internetz, they'll pretty much spam it. Sidewalk and launch.

- Whenever he spikes you down, stay down or you'll get picked up by d+3,4 MTS f+1 B! into sad times.
He doesn't have a ground hitting mid and his unblockable doesn't track anymore, reducing his reset game to really bad.
He does redonkulous damage though, so if you whiff, you die, especially if your back is to the wall (which he can do with ease).

- Against CD mix-up, jump back_BD on far_max range, and b+3~SSR on close range.

- FLA WD is a good way to try and get in, but his CH tools hurt, so be careful. WD is better because it's more conservative and you can cancel it into blocking. Not Baek's best matchup, but certainly not his worst. If you stay in, you should be okay (he lacks a really good high crush except for generic down punch).

- Try to get a life lead on Bruce, and mix-up your range and sidesteps at all times (ie don't rely on b+3 as much). Try to force him to go for the CD mix-up by staying in and out of that range constantly. Good luck, you'll certainly need it.

Tips to deal with MTS
If Bruce goes into MTS on block, for the love of god don't mash. MTS 2 will CH you even if you try to duck jab (D~1 works though, but don't risk it). It is possible to fuzzy duck the high because it comes out so fast compared to his other options.
As for the mid-low, the low can be ignored as chip, and the mid will hurt a lot, especially if your back is against the wall (MTS 3 wallsplats). Stand block, don't mash and ignore the low. It's possible to b+3 but I just wouldn't risk eating the knee (MTS 3).

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