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(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:
Annoying school girl

(3)Matchup discussion:
- I used to think this was a really really horrific matchup until recently. SSL 2 beats a lot of Baek moves and SSR 2 even has the power to sidestep d+4 on rare occasions. To stop her from abusing SS 2 you have to whiff punish it (because the block punish outside absolute point blank you do get off of it is pathetic to say the least).

- Asuka by herself doesn't break turtles really well. She has db+3 which is okay by itself but it's slow. Her mids, especially stuff like 1+2, is totally worth not ducking for. Also her lows aren't any good except for d+1+2 but that is very easy to avoid. Her pressure is mostly about you panic buttoning so she can crush them.
That is the saving grace of this matchup, really. Get a life lead and turtle back. Force Asuka to play your game.

- Kazama full crouch game by itself isn't really scary, because she doesn't have a good launcher from it, but it can be annoying. A well timed b+3 will evade every option from her FC. Even if you do eat anything, especially the FC df+2 (0 on hit), don't panic and b+3. Most players use her FC game from f+2~d, so ID the cancel, and by the time you do, b+3 can evade all FC tools (if you're not really slow).

- Be aware of her awesome crushing tools. Cancans (d+3+4) is an i14 lh move that crushes at frame 4-5 and launches on CH. Mostly used as a spacing tool. If you eat the low you can't duck the high so take it as chip damage and rush in (not mindlessly). b+3, an evasive launcher that crushes lows at frame 10 (a frame slower than generic hopkicks); punish this please, or the Asuka player is getting away with murder. Also, her reversals may seem like a headache, and they are, but you can bait them out and either low them to keep going or punish them.

(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:

(3)Matchup discussion:

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