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Anna Williams
(1)Punishing list:
db+3: CC, CD+3

(2)General Playstyle:
Range 0 offense and poking

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Anna functions basically like Nina but she has some notable weaknesses. First of all her main standing poke low, df+4, is launchable. Combined with the plethora of other standing lows she has that are punishable for not that much reward, and Anna's lows aren't really that great, and she has nothing quite like Nina db+3. She does compensate for this however, by having very good highs that are + on block, like ff+2 (her homing move that gives +5 on block and KND into free df+4 on hit) and qcf+1 (an elbow that gives +2~5 on block, +4~7 on hit and combo on CH). This makes it so that she relies on her highs to make you duck.

- Just like her sister, Anna has range issues and functions really well only in range 0, where her moves like df+1,2, jabs, df+4 hit. The further away you get from range 0 the less scary her offense gets.

- She also possesses a top tier FC mixup game with FC df+2 mixed up with FC f+1_WS 2, both of which are launchers. In predictable situations you can SWL to beat this mixup, but if the Anna goes into FC as you techroll, you pretty much have to guess. The ultimate high risk high reward mixup.

- Anna doesn't have the best punishers in the game by any means, and her -10 to -13 is mediocre damage and she gives up frames for it. She does have a wallsplat at -14 but she doesn't have a 15 frame launcher. It's just as bad from WS for her, as her fastest WS launcher is i18, and her i11 to i17 punishers aren't very scary. However her ff+3 is a good whiff punisher.

Armor King
(1)Punishing list:
1+2 (~b): 2,2
1+2,4: 4,3,3~f
3+4,2: d+4,3,3,3~f
f+2: 2,2
f+2,1: 2,2
f+1+2: 2,2
f+1+4: df+2
df+2: 4,3,3~f
d+3: WS 4,4,3~f
d+4: WS 4,4,3~f
d+1+4,1+2: CD+3 (difficult)
d+1,n,4: 2,2
d+3+4: WS 2,1
d+3+4,3: df+2 or b+4 from far
db+2: 2,2
db+2,3: b+4 (only in close range)
db+3: CC CD+3
db+4: d+4,3,3,3~f
b+1,2: 4,3,3~f
b+2,1: 4,3,3~f
b+4: 2,2, except at max range
b+1+4: 2,2
uf+4: 4,3,3~f or df+1,3 (depending on the situation)
ff+4: 1+2,4
ff+3+4: 2,2
ff,n,2: WS 2,1
WS 1: 2,2
WS 2: 2,2
CD+2: 2,2
SS 2: 2,2
SS 2,1: 2,2
SS 4: 4,3,3~f
BT 3: CD+3
BT 4: 2,2

(2)General Playstyle:
Spacing and punishing; grab-heavy

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Armor King is diet King and diet Mishimas. He can sorta enforce a WD mix-up with DU_grabs/hopkick, but he has no great low out of crouch dash (CD ali kick coming soon). He can also play very grabby, mashing grabs left and right. His GS vs DDT mix-up is really tough, so you just have to guess (arm issue vs both grabs looking really identical in the opening animation)
Overall, he's much more defensive. An AK is looking to whiff and block punish everything you do, and with Baek being the master of eating punishment, you have to be a bit careful. Also, AK himself is punishable on his core moves (ie DU, shoulder, hopkick), and you just cannot let him away with any of his punishable moves.

- Duck jabs are not as good on AK as it is on other 'Mishimas' because of his hopkick. So you have to be careful with your duck jabs. They can work, because AK is reliant on highs/throws, but it is a bit more risky.
Also, the anti-Mishima strat of ducking after whiffing everything doesn't work as well on him because of his hopkick.

- When AK whiffs something, he hangs out for quite a long time, so you just need to be on point.

- df+2,1 is AK's staple poke (alongside df+1) so you HAVE to duck and launch (preferably hopkick as it'll crush the low should he go with the full tenstring); don't let him get away with that move ever.

- d+1,n,4 will piss you off to no end as it's his extension after duck jab (and duck jabs are really good panic buttons against Baek). A lot of AK players try to grab off of it (it looks a bit hard to break).

- If you duck a grab, dash_CC CD+3 him. He messed up big time, and you should take full advantage.

- Also, his tracking is kinda bad. His only main rewarding tracker to his left is WS 1, which is out of crouch. Other than that, you can step a lot of his stuff with b+3.

- Punish him back, and try to stay standing and break those grabs, and you should be okay. It'll be tough, but you can do it.

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