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Ancient Ogre
(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:
Punishing and whiff punishing

(3)Matchup discussion:
- AO is very much not the beast he once was in Tag 1. He does have some stuff in this game but overall he's very unsafe and has very bad tracking.

- From range, sidewalking right will evade most of the stuff AO players will use at that range, eg f+2. db+2, another key move to look out for (i27 and -17 on block) can track you and give him a FC mixup (which BTW you can evade everything but FC df+1 and WS 2 after eating it by sidewalking left). The homing moves he does have are risky, and everything else doesn't track. df+3 is -12 on block, db+2 as mentioned above is -17 on block and WS 2 is -16 on block.

- Learn to punish whatever you can (and that's a lot) because otherwise you're giving away free damage which is definitely something you should not be doing. Keep the ball in your court for as long as possible (AO's offense is risky but good 50/50).

- Where AO is very punishable, he does have boss punishers. His i10 punish gives good frames into his silly 50/50 guessing games, his i12 does insane damage at 47, and he has a hopkick at i15 (which he can convert into red life with most of the cast). f+2 covers pushback.

(1)Punishing list:

(2)General Playstyle:

(3)Matchup discussion:
- Angel does not have a good backdash at all so it's very hard for her to backdash out of situations where other characters can. Also, her fastest mid is 15 frames, which is her df+1 that's a part of her df+1,2 string. These two combined, Angel's poking game is very bad, because neither does she have the ability to back away from poking wars, nor does she have a mid to use for such purposes.

- Angel overall is an extremely punishable character, so like against AO, punish whatever you can.

- Angel does possess the basic Mishimas tools of 1,1,2, 1,2,2, f+4, EWGF, HS and a wavedash. So, just like against all Mishimas, don't whiff or you'll die. Don't let her punish you because you'll eat a chunk of damage.

- Sidewalking left defeats a lot of her options and the options she does have to track are punishable. She is very bad at keeping people off of her so stay up in her grill.

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