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Alex/Roger Jr
(1)Punishing list:
Both character moves
1+2,3: 1+2,4
1+2,4: CC, CD+3
3+4: 1+2,4
f+4,3: df+2 or 2,2 (will be explained later)
f+4,3,2: df+2
f+1+2,2: 2,2
f+3+4: ?
df+1,2 (no delay): 2,2
d+1,n,2: 2,2
d+2: WS 4,4,3~f
d+1+2: 4,3,3~f
d+1+2,1+2: 2,2
d+1+2,1+2,2: 4,3,3~f
d+3+4_FC df+4: WS 2,1 (on max range WS 4 - the second hit of the axe kicks will whiff)
db+3: CC, CD+3
b+2,3: CC, CD+3
b+2,3,3+4: FC d+2
b+4: 2,2
uf+4: 4,3,3~f
ff+2: 4,3,3~f
Ali kicks (While running 4,4,4): CC, CD+3
WR 4,2: df+2
WS 2,2: WS 4,4,3~f
FC df+2: 4,3,3~f
FC d+1+2: df+2
ROC 1+2: df+2 or CD+3
BOB 2: CD+3
CD 1 (AGF): df+2
CD 1+2: 4,3,3~f

Alex Specific Moves
db+1+2: 4,3,3~f

Roger Specific moves
db+1+2: 4,3,3~f into combo (it floats)

(2)General Playstyle:
Range 0.5, 1 poking

(3)Matchup discussion:
(I'll only be naming Roger here but this strat applies to both Alex and Roger, unless mentioned specifically)
- Roger's pokes are really good. A good Roger will be playing T4 with you and doing a lot of SS 2,1, SS df+1>2, SS grab, and will be looking for SS hopkick or backdash ff+2 if you're near a wall. Unfortunately Baek cannot really handle that kind of pressure extremely well, so the best I can tell you is to try and predict what the opponent will do and then punish him for it (eg SS into 2,1 -> duck and WS 4,4,3~f before the second hit comes out etc)

- 1+2 followups are seeable. Learn to see them on reaction. The low (4) is way, way slower than the mid (3).

- f+4,3 is like Jaycee's double hopkicks. f+4,3 is launch punishable, but if you try that you'll eat the (f+4,3,)2. So option select with a 10 framer (2,2 but I personally heart 1,1).

- ROC (Rocket Stance) 1+2 does not B! anymore so staying down is a less risky option should you see him charge. ROC 3 is an actual safe low which gives cray cray +6 on hit, and ROC 3+4 (the butt bump) gives him solid + frames and W!'s (at the wall, whatever you do you're wrong and you either take massive damage or more pressure).

- Roger's grab game is really solid (but he doesn't have an iSW), so learn to break GS and DDT based on the throw animation and not the arms (not that his tiny arms allow for good throw breaking anyway). The throw mixup is especially nasty when his back is to the wall as both grabs switch sides on hit (not on break).

- Most Roger players will use the range 2 df+3_d+3+4 mix-up. df+3 is a homing move so there's no stepping it. d+3+4 is launch punishable but at tip range you only get WS 4 - the second one whiffs right in his face.

- Roger doesn't have the best panic buttons (he doesn't even get a B! off of his magic 4 - Alex does - and SS 4 got super nerfed because it only launches on CH) unless you're near the wall (CH 1,2,3 W! into nastiness). Also his range is real ass, so backdash and hunt for some CH 4 juice.

Alisa Bosconovitch
(1)Punishing list:
db+3: WS 4,4,3~f

(2)General Playstyle:
Range 1.5 poking, keepout

(3)Matchup discussion:
Turtle back and Alisa shuts down (funny because she's a robot)

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