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Hello people. This guide hopes to answer your question, "OH MY GOD HOW DO I DEAL WITH, like, PAUL or whatever?"
Each post will be dedicated to 3 characters, and be in the following format:
1) Punishing list (NOTE: I don't know if I should include duckable/LP'able strings or just block punishing)
2) General playstyle of character (EG: Armor King is a spacing character, Kazuya is a punishing character and so on)
3) Matchup discussion and what you should do to beat the character

This is going to be crazy difficult to finish by my own, so any help will be appreciated.

NOTE: HUGE THANKS to Iron Lobster and his guide for inspiration as well as for him to borrow anti-character strats. Check it out here

1) Alex/Roger Jr; Alisa
2) Ancient Ogre; Angel
3) Anna Williams; Armor King
4) Asuka; Baek
5) Bob/Slim Bob; Bruce
6) Bryan; Chreddy(+Tiger)
7) Craig; Dr. Bosconovitch
8) Devil Jin; Feng
9) Laws; Ganryu
10) Heihachi Mishima; Hwoarang
11) Jacks; Jaycee
12) Jin Kazama; Jinpachi Mishima
13) Jun Kazama/Unknown; Kazuya Mishima
14) King; Kuma/Panda
15) Kunimitsu; Lars
16) Lee Chaolan/Violet; Lei
17) Leo; Lili/Sebastian
18) Ling/Miharu; Michelle Chang
19) Miguel; Nina
20) Ogre; Paul
21) Raven; Dragunov
22) Steve; Wang
23) Yoshimitsu; Zafina

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