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Originally posted by Marin
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when rushing down is that if the previous attack was a hit, then the opponent is more likely to be defensive afterwards, and if the previous attack was blocked, then the opponent is more likely to be offensive afterwards.

i would like to add something about this based on my experience. sometimes you will encounter opponents who does the exact opposite of what is written here so i think you gotta have to device another strategy for these people. you gotta have some sort of plan B. example is ws+443~f on hit. Since the opponent is on hit status, you may think theyll be more defensive afterwards so db+33~f or fla grab or even df+3~f is a good move to throw in this situation. BUT SOME people would attack right away with their WS moves or hopekicks since people think that because youre in FLA, you should be at a disadvantage(back in br, baek kills those people who dare disrespect him by trying to do a move while baek is FLA). In this situation, plan A is ineffective and will get you killed. plan B is, to kill hopkicks, use 433~f to score a counter hit. if the opponent does i11 WS move, kill it with a jab(433~f will clash in this situation resulting to your opponent dealing more damage than you). 123~f or 23 is your safest bet(or 22 if your opponent just wouldnt learn).
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