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As requested to me by Budding Fighter, here is a little guide to Baek's FLA pressure game in TTT2.

FLA pressure game

As many of you T5, T5DR and T6 Baek players have noticed, Baek's FLA pressure game has changed drastically in TTT2. This drastic change has its roots in a change of Baek's overall game plan. To better understand FLA pressure in TTT2, it's worth noting what FLA pressure used to be, what has changed and how they eventually balanced it out.

Before TTT2

In the old days, Baek was mainly focused around the string ender mix-ups. With Baek's "strings", I'm referring to the moves

- df+4,4
- ws+4,4
- f+4
- d+4,3,3
- FLA 3,4,4
- ws+3,4,4
- 3,3,4,4
- 1,2,3,3,4,4
- uf,N+3,3,4,4.

All these moves have one thing in common: they all have string enders. You can continue all the strings with either a mid ender, a low ender or a FLA cancel ender (which looks like a mid at first). This creates two possible mix-ups: the mid/cancel and the mid/low mix-ups. As the low is quite unsafe, and even low parryable on reaction, the latter mix-up is usually avoided. However the mid/cancel mix-up was a genuinely scary mix-up, since a cancel would lead into more low/mid/throw mix-ups from FLA, but most importantly the mid-ender had a CH stun and would crush anything if the opponent would attack after the string before it was blocked. Thus the opponent had to think before attacking because of the fear of a CH bait.

After a succesful FLA cancel however, Baek couldn't really stay in FLA for too long. He could only go for another string into mid/cancel mix-up or he could take a safer approach and only keep the opponent away with some safe mid pokes. Only in T6 did Baek get FLA db+3,3~f FLA, which would extend his FLA rushdowns by only just a bit (after all it can be low parried). So to summarize:

Before TTT2, it was easier to get up close into FLA stance, but it was more difficult to rushdown your opponent.

After TTT2

In TTT2, a new attack emerged: FLA 3,3~f FLA. It made it possible to link Baeks best mid from FLA, FLA 3, back into FLA to continue pressure. So adding to this FLA db+3,3~f FLA (which is a low), Baek can now very easily stay in FLA and can do very scary rushdowns. However, to balance this the people at Namco decided to weaken his mid/cancel mix-ups by removing the CH stun on the mid-enders (and replacing it with a wall splat) and by making the mid-ender slower, so that it's easier to sidestep and to make it interruptable by jabs. So now the situation is:

In TTT2, it's more difficult to get up close into FLA stance, but it's easier to rushdown your opponent.

FLA pressure game

Enough backstory, let's focus on the FLA pressure game. The main goal of FLA rushdown is very simple: to guess (or determine!) whether your opponent expects a mid, low or a throw, and react accordingly. Use highs as quick moves to interrupt your opponent if he tries to attack, while still remaining at close range. His best moves are:

Highs: 1, 4
Mids: FLA 3,3~f (also df+4,4, df+1, f+2, etc...)
Lows: db+3,3~f
Throws: FLA throw (FLA f+2+3)

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when rushing down is that if the previous attack was a hit, then the opponent is more likely to be defensive afterwards, and if the previous attack was blocked, then the opponent is more likely to be offensive afterwards. Therefore:

The key to good FLA pressure is being able to read your opponents next move very well in order to make most of your attacks hit, to continue the rushdown.

The only advice that I can give about improving your reading abilities is to play Baek lots of times, to figure out standard blocking patterns (often times you'll see mid-mid-low, that's why low-low-mid is a very easy and basic FLA pressure string) and to figure out your opponents blocking habits.

I have 5 years of experience with playing Baek in tourneys, and this is basically how I view Baek's FLA pressure game. I really hope that this was helpful in any way =P

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