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the problem with baek is his lack of fast homing move. for ex. lili 1,2 into quick ss uf+3 or another 1,2. after lili' 1,2, baek doesnt have a move that locks her down and prevent her from doing the quick ss. not even baek df+1 would catch her. its frustrating when you get to play characters with good sidesteps and they just quick ss right after every poke they do and every move you throw out completely misses. miguel doesnt have that problem. he can just retaliate with df+1 and shut ssr down. hwoarang can do df+4. i have been playing ranked matches with baek as my main and get to a crucial situation where i knew for sure the opponent is going to do exactly that and i threw a df+1 thinking it would catch her ss but ended up losing the match. im sure you guys have gone through the same situation like this before. point is, even if you are a hell of better than your opponent, the character would sometimes be a deciding factor of you winning or losing the game. there will come a time when you will think, you lost not because of your skill but because of the character you were using. in my case i blamed baek for his df+1 not being able to catch SSR. LOL
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