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Originally posted by Budding Fighter
Someone might want to test what all you get if they raw tag/tag crash off of all of his throws? Please?

Alright, I did what I could. First of all, raw tagging is beaten by just... doing nothing and waiting for them to come in and doing an uppercut . So I didn't bother going over it. As for tag crashes (these were all tested in open field):

left throw: This one offers the most options. A simple backstep can bait a tag crash, which can be punished by a CD3. You can also jump backwards, and then do a ws2,1 (this is nice because it requires no timing or backstepping 'skill' on the player's part, and looks silly). Sidestep options can be used, including b3, so you can try to find a way to FLA sidestep for a backturned string (though there is a certain amount of distance that may make it easy for BT strings to whiff.)

right throw, f2+3 (human cannonball): By not moving a tag crash will whiff in front you of, netting a free cd3 or whatever. You can even forward dash in once and dash back out to bait them to do a delayed tag crash, pretty cool.

2+4b: Hold back to turn around, tag crash will whiff in front.

db1+3: Unfortunetly, backstepping isn't an option here, due to the close distance. On the flip side, the distance allows you to easily SSR, b3 and go for a BT FLA string to punish. This seemed to be much easier to punish with a BT combo than the left throw, so thats good to keep in mind due to the oki this throws gives anyway.

By the way, I feel throw oki should be expanded to cover all forced knockdown options (or they should be covered in another section). Certain moves, such as 1+2,4, b2, and some moves on CH ground the opponent in situations that can be treated similar to throws (putting them in a grounded state without access to tech roll usually). That's the way I've looked over stuff with my other characters. Off the top of my head Baek gets close range knockdowns (i.e. not pushing the character to the other end of the screen) from:


I'm probably missing a dozen...

BTW, I remember someone saying that ub4 hits sideroll, is that true?

Baek (and Hwo) versus Jack is like, lol, the only time that TKDs have a matchup in thier favor. I remember Baek vs Hwo being noticibly bad for Hwo in BR (though Hwo's b2 would actually step Baek's low from df4,4 strings), whereas Baek vs Asuka was the opposite. Never really thought too much about either though.

As for Capoeiras versus Baek, between random b2, random df2, random instant RLX, random db3+4, random db1+2, heck... Capos have so many options to deal with Baek's pressure game that the Baek player is forced to play super conservatively whereas we can just... do whatever we want. Add to the fact that, even if the Capo player is a mixup style player, they still will know how to space effectively and use uf4 and other moves to keep the opponent away (its a skill that comes with playing the character), which is not really in Baek's favor.

Yes d4,3,3 does punish b3,3 and ws1,3... but its like, only 16 damage (9 or so more than a generic d4). By comparison Bob can do b2,2, the first hit will hit normal RLX for 10 points, but float both HSP and b3,3_ws1,3 into a juggle which can be bounded, which is even scarier now due to TA (I don't know how to play Bob, but I just randomly made a juggle to punish b3,3 with b2,2 1 ff2! (Baek: uf3,4,3) Bob d2 for like 46 damage. I can imagine an actual juggle doing 20 more than that).

Also, it seems 1,2,3,3,3f on block is even into FLA... can someone confirm this? Yes I know its duckable after the jabs, but it does start off jab cross and if they don't know or forget to duck (which even I do... occassionally) so it can be sort of hard to react to when pulled in the middle of a FLA pressure string. I have a little more confidence in using it than df1,3 (though df1,3 is natural, and off of df1, which is just a good move).

Sorry for the long post.

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