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@CaCarmen I actually am not a 100% sure on FLA 3 tracking, as I was getting mixed results. Someone else might want to test it in situations such as:
2,3 (blocked) FLA 3,3
2,3 (hit) FLA 3,3
4,3,3~f (blocked) FLA 3,3

About team synergy, haha yeah it will be. Contributions from other players would be super!

Also, I was thinking of consolidating all of this info into a PDF file, and for that wanted to make an overview of Baek. I've put a bit of it in the opening post, and in the next few days I'll try and consolidate all the info I have in a guide fashion.

Here's some general matchup info, not sure if we need to post this on the front page or later or whenever:
Best matchups:
Jack (Jack has no real panic button, no low crush that isn't >25 frames, is really big so can't move if Baek is in his grill, it becomes a game of paper/scissors/rock, plus punch parry shuts him down real bad IMO, Baek vs Jack is so good!)

Worst matchups:
Capos (CaCarmen might want to share why, but they shut down Baek real bad, even though Baek gets d+4,3,3,3~f on pretty much all RLX transitions on block)
Mishimas (the 3 ender on block = -14 = launch from a good Mishima, plus their reliance on movement kinda makes it hard for Baek to get in; I haven't really sat down a played a good Mishima so I can't really compare)
Bryan (JU, decent movement, great keepout and long range game)
Feng (you just have to turtle in this match; almost all of his good pokes are <-5, and his backswing blow and b+3+4~3 are so scary it's not even funny, plus that f+3,4 just destroys as a whiff punisher, sure he can't block punish really well)

EDIT: Added some oki off of 2+4~b. Really good stuff!
Also, setups from f+2+3 and df+3+4 airthrow added.
Someone might want to test what all you get if they raw tag/tag crash off of all of his throws? Please?

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