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Originally posted by Katt
I don't do any of those anymore though. I always do tag-combos whenever I can. I don't know how to do qcf+2, I do qcf+2~5 automatically. I believe it's a good habit as I believe sacrificing 3-4 dmg for draining recovery health is very much worth it, even if I'm doing a tag-crash anyway. I guess it depends on the partner. I play Lars/Dragunov, and Lars' combos are stronger than Dragunovs, even in tag-assaults.
Same, due to how I've set up my team I want Jinpachi on point as much as possible and only bring out Dragunov with rage/tag crash. So I tag buffer all my launchers (WS+2 and qcf+2 mostly) and have since forgot about the need to deep dash anything, long gone are the days of B!, f,f, 3,1,2.

Originally posted by CKeegan
Doing ff+2 instead of deep dash 1,3,2 is a lot better in tag assaults too. It's two less hits, meaning you can do more with your tag partner or with Dragunov, and the damage is better as well.
Yeah, in almost all situations an immediate f,f+2 is better because there are way more TA! options due to lower hit stun. For instance, non-optimized mind you, I get:

qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f+2, TA!, Jinpachi SS+2,1, Drag f+3~CD 1+2 - 94 dmg
qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f, 1,3,2, TA!, Jinpachi SS+2,1, Drag f,f+3 - 100 dmg

Which does about 6 more points of damage but is much, much harder to perform as you need the initial deep dash as well as forward buffered dash for the f,f+3 to not whiff.

Actually, doing a little bit of testing it looks like
qcf+2, f+2,4, f+3~CDc 4,3, B! is a valid option, not sure the requirements, but it doesn't seem hard. Gotta do more testing on it.
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