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qcf+2 f+2,4 ff+2 B! f+3~CDc f+1 f+3~CD1+2 <- Easy, strong.
qcf+2 f+2,4 ff+2 B! f+3~CDc f+1 f+3~CDc d+4,4 <- Harder, stronger.

I don't do any of those anymore though. I always do tag-combos whenever I can. I don't know how to do qcf+2, I do qcf+2~5 automatically. I believe it's a good habit as I believe sacrificing 3-4 dmg for draining recovery health is very much worth it, even if I'm doing a tag-crash anyway. I guess it depends on the partner. I play Lars/Dragunov, and Lars' combos are stronger than Dragunovs, even in tag-assaults.