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Originally posted by Scrapy
I'm having major issues with combo's in general ! I always end up out of range to connect the bound move.

Drag: qcf+2 - f+2,4 - ff 1,3,2 B! - f+3 - df +12

**here I can't connect the B!*** the enemy is either too far away or else by the time i've made the ff inputs the enemy has already hit the ground.. is there a video guide on timing or something ?
Dragunov has (for the most part) circumvented the need for deep dashing in TTT2 (e.g. we traded deep dashing for CDc instead, a good trade IMO), but there are certain situations where a deep dash is necessary and qcf+2, f+2,4, is one of those situations.

With that being said, there is no trick to deep dashing, it just takes a fuck-ton of practice to perform. As soon as you hit the f+2,4, you need to be moving immediately. If you mistime your dash during the buffer window, you won't move at all and obviously 1,3,2 will completely whiff. If you input your deep dash too late, the first 1 will whiff and the remainder of the string will whiff leaving you open to wakeup 4.

Luckily you can hit confirm 1,3,2 in this combo by taking those two "problems" into consideration. First) If you do not properly input the dash in the buffer, don't finish the 2 and Second) If he 1,3 whiffs, don't finish the 2. You can also opt for carry, instead of 1,3,2, although I'm pretty sure you can't f+3~CDc 4,3, B! against most characters as the 3 will whiff. But valid options are qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f, 1, f+4,4,3 and qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f, 1, f+3~CDc 1, f+3~CDc 4,1 should both work.

Don't forget you can always do qcf+2, f+2,4, f,f+2, B!, which is much, much easier to perform and still does good damage.
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