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Originally posted by Scrapy
I'm having major issues with combo's in general ! I always end up out of range to connect the bound move.

Drag: qcf+2 - f+2,4 - ff 1,3,2 B! - f+3 - df +12

**here I can't connect the B!*** the enemy is either too far away or else by the time i've made the ff inputs the enemy has already hit the ground.. is there a video guide on timing or something ?

It seems you're doing it too slowly. Make sure you're doing the f+2,4 as soon as possible as well, but the main issue is probably the timing of the 1,3,2. If all else fails, you can simply do ff+2 after f+2,4 for a bound.

Originally posted by oOo_oOo-916
im not gonna look through this whole thread...i just started Drag and he does beefy damage solo.
db+3 into cc d+2 ws+4 f+1,3,2 B! into 1+2,4 does 76
and db+3 into cc d+2 ws+4 f+1,3,2 B! f+3 roll cancel into standing 4,4 does 80. and 83 from (b+2,1) 3

Make sure you specify the requirements of the combo; just from looking at the notations it seems that it only works on bigs or off-axis.