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Second video:

0:02 - duck the 3
0:13 - Do not use ws+1,2 as a poke. Also, if it gets blocked, just hold b, it's safe.
0:16 - Don't know what happened here.. you could've blocked the 3 there.
0:20 - combo is CH db+4, ws+2,1 B!
0:22 - hold b after getting Lars ff+1+2 blocked, it's semi-safe. You could've blocked his df+2 and punished him for it.
0:25 - duck the 2
0:29 - punish with f+2,4
0:31 - just block after getting hit by KNK 4, he is on +f. And if ever you want to poke after that, use jabs, not df+2.
0:37 - You had a lot of time to punish that qcb+2 whiff.
0:39 - Cancel the DE, otherwise you'll get hit.
0:44 - He was way too far for ff+4,3 to connect. Just space yourself while in that distance.
0:52, 1:00, 1:02 - punish with f+2,4
0:58 - whenever you hit something and it's a float, immediately db+2,1; it'll pick up in most situations.
1:08 - punish with jabs
1:28 - could've killed him there with ff+3,4,4 or any other wall combo
1:30 - bit late on the punish
1:47 - You had a lot of time to punish that whiffed hopkick.
1:53 onwards - you had a good life lead and time was running out; you should've turtled and won the round that way. Don't risk anything (here you did ws+1,2 which could've gotten ducked and punished for the win).
1:55 - bit late on the punish
2:01 - Again, you had a lot of time to punish that whiff.
2:06 - dropped combo
2:09 - punish with fb+2,1
2:20 - at that distance, db+2,1 is good to carry him to the wall. Like you mentioned, you could have killed him.
2:22 - punish with f+2,4
2:24 - after blocking Leo's 1,2, just duck. The follow-up moves are only high and low.
2:40, 2:50 - do not use getup 3 during FDFA position. It's really slow and will get punished every time.
3:03 - punish with ws+4
3:07 - punish with fb+2,1
3:10, 3:14 - missed whiff punish opportunity
3:26 - just turtle at that distance. f+1+2 isn't good to throw out randomly
3:28 - again, do not use this as a poke
3:32 - blocked df+2 is -9, just hold b after getting it blocked
3:57 - don't throw out ff+1+2 unless you're absolutely sure that it will hit

Your movement is still stiff. It's very linear and at times, you don't even move at all. Sidestep more and always move, even when you're not doing anything. Move more and press buttons less.

Be on the lookout for whiffs, especially big whiffs where you could've launched your opponent. There are multiple instances in this video where you could've launched him and gotten 90+ damage for free.

Also, you seem to be unfamiliar with Drag and Leo. I listed the punishment scenarios here to help you out.

You seem to be unfamiliar with Lars as well. Learn his punishers and basic pokes first. I didn't see 2,1 and db+2,1, and very few df+1 and b+1; use these pokes more.

db+4 seems to be your go-to low. It works sometimes, but you should use more d+4, db+1, and FC df+1+2. I didn't see these moves at all, with the exception of one db+1,3.

Your movement is very stiff and linear, which isn't good for Alisa. Movement is where she is best at, you should utilize it to its fullest potential by forcing whiffs.

Use more df+1, df+4, and b+1. Use less ff+1+2 and ws+1,2. If you're not sure what to do, just turtle. Don't throw out random moves.