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Originally posted by Demoyon
Just the first match for now; it's 1:40 am here and I'm a bit sleepy.

Your movement is really stiff. There are some moments when you just hold back and your character is walking backwards. This isn't good because it sends a green light for your opponent to go on the offensive. What you should do is backdash, then cancel those backdashes with sidesteps. This will avoid more moves than simply walking backwards, allowing for whiff punishment.

0:23-0:30 - something like this. You should do this more often.

0:35-0:38 - see what happens when your character just walks backwards.

1:11-1:15 - walking backwards again. If you had just backdashed, you would've avoided the b+1 and then whiff-punish launched him. Also here, he whiffs Steve's 4,2 and you fail to punish him.

You also use getup kicks to stand up a lot. Learn the different ways in which you can get up off the ground. Always using getup kicks will lead to your opponent backdashing out them and then launching you.

0:44 - Never, ever, use getup 3 when you're in FDFA position. It's god awful slow and will almost always get parried, crushed, or blocked and then launched.

0:48-0:54 - The ways in which you get up off the ground are very limited, as seen here. 0:48-0:50 you just lay on the ground as if you just let go of the stick. If you had just siderolled, you would have (most likely) eaten the db+2, but then you can backroll afterwards and safely get up. 0:52 you could have safely techrolled after eating Steve's sonic fang. Instead, you attempt an ankle kick and get binded.

1:02 - After the f+4,1,4 ender, just run. Don't do WR+2 or WR+3,4; just run. The unblockable barge will almost always hit. And if he sidewalked it left (with perfect timing), he would've avoided WR+2 and WR+3,4 anyway, so there was nothing you could have done.

1:25 - I'll assume the jump and punch was an input error. Anyway, he whiffs some move (with a lot of recovery frames) and you fail to launch him again.

1:29 and 1:56 - Don't use ws+1,2 as a poke. He could've ducked the second hit and launched you.

1:30-1:31 - Why are you just standing there? Move around and be fluid. That is where Alisa is at her strongest. In this situation, even if you were moving, you still would've caught his raw tag.

2:04-2:06 - Stiff movement again. You could've punished his DCK 2 with Lars' f+2,4 (or fb+2,1 but that would have to be spot on). Instead, you walk backwards and f+1+2 with him being out of range. There was no way he was going to continue to attack after having his -14 move blocked. He then punishes your whiff with sonic fang.

2:19 - another f+1+2 whiff; he was too far for that to connect anyway. He whiff punishes again.

2:24 - the combo is CH getup 3, ws+2, db+2,1, db+2~f, SE df+1 B!

2:51 - duck the 2 and launch him

3:16 - duck the 2 and launch him. If you fail to duck it and just block it, it's safe. That f+1+2 was out of place.

3:33 - you could've whiff punished him and won right there

Your movement is very stiff, move around more and space yourself better to create whiff punishment opportunities. Also, practice whiff punishment - there are many cases where you could've launched him for free.

There are also instances where you're not sure what to do, just don't press buttons during this time and backdash/sidestep away. This helps avoid whiffs and subsequently getting punished for these whiffs.

Learn the different ways in which you can get up off the ground. Quickstanding, siderolling, backrolling, or even simply eating a move and then getting up after it.

You have the staple combos down. Don't attempt the more technical combos in matches; do it in practice mode first and only apply it to matches when you've got it down as well.

I'll look at the other three videos tomorrow. I hope this helps.

thanks so much I looked at your comments and the video like 10 times. I wanted to drive 3hours back to my house to play tekken . I can't wait to see what else.
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