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Originally posted by forest16
Thanks for the combos, Jason4579.

What are the wall combos? Like if I get a wallsplat and bound with df+2,2, what TA! do I use and whatnot?

Come on man. I need to know the damage!!! It might be super hard execution and be like 2 points less than what I already use.

The combo off of f+2 does 9 more damage than the combo you were using. Alternatively, you could end with:
Unknown Dash SSL b+2,1,2,2 Jun f,f,f+3
Same damage but looks nicer~

At the wall, these combos are consistent and do good damage:
Jun / Unknown
B!~5 u/b+2,1 f+1,4
B!~5 1,1,4 f+1,4
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