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Always a pleasure Some more tidbits

1,2, 3+4~3+4:
Jabs into VTS stance cancel. Marduk steps forward a bit during the cancel animation. Not too much of a strategy against standing opponents. Basically used in some Solo or Red health juggles to carry them to walls or to end with an airthrow.

His highest damage jab punisher & tenstring starter. An easy option than other variations that he has. On hit, opponent is slightly stunned. Gives good frames on hit & block but this string doesn't jail which means if they blocked 2, they can duck under 1 & launch him. Also from a little far range the last 1 sometimes has a tendency to get whiffed which is bad too. Suggested usage:
Use it only against moves that are atleast -11 or more. If its mistimed against moves that are -10 on block like Lars' 1+2, Hwoarang's u/f+3+4, Paul's QCB+3,2 etc & they blocked the 2, chances are they'll duck 1. Use f+1,2 here instead.
Don't use it against the moves that have a little pushback on block

Jab into shoulder launch. Not a combo either way. Don't bother with this move on standing opponents. Only used as a filler in juggles. That's it.

The 'Offensive push' move that looks similar to King's f,f,N+1+2 a bit. Does no damage on its own but gives frames on hit. On CH, gives monstrous +16 granting you a free d/f+1 juggle (f,f+2 when near walls for a wall splat). You can throw it out randomly sometimes to check them or better use it after the moves like 1,2,f+1 or qcf+2 etc to increase your chances of landing a CH. Safe on block & doesn't track unlike previous DR version.

f+2, d+1,2:
A lot can be said about these strings. f+2 is a i16 advancing high punch with decent range. Startup looks similar to Armor King's f+2,1 but properties are different. Gives frames on hit & an inescapable stun which you can combo from. 1 alone stuns on normal hit for a full combo if the previous hit is blocked or whiffed. Has some crush properties too, but its a high. Whole string is Natural combo on counter. Players use it most when their Craig's dominating the game. The idea here is to poke your opponent till he goes into the shell, create some space & throw it out. The f+2 is whiffed purposefully for intimidating the opponent, to which he thinks he should react with some random move of his choice, only to get crushed by 1. The d+1,2 variation is for the crouchers. Natural combo & full juggle but unsafe. d+1 itself bounds in juggles. Use it sometimes, its a risky mix up but pays off if the opponent doesn't know much about Craig match up.

Mid stomp, nothing much. Used only when the opponent is grounded in oki situations. Little unsafe on block(i11 WS+4s) & overshadowed by a better b+1+2.
In T6 it granted a free d/b+4 on CH, not sure about this game.

Marduk's unblockable running headbutt, looks like a "gone out of control truck ". Used in some juggles to cover the distance & create mixups, & sometimes, very rarely against standing opponents as its a high( Their face is fun to watch when they get hit by it for the first time though *cough*) Does very good damage, wall-splats & has the same effect as Alisa's u/f+3,2: Can be rolled back so no guaranteed followup (If they don't, dash in GT or d/b+4 stomp works). Can be cancelled into VTS stance but that too isn't safe so not a recommended move.

'The Blitz'. Craig lunges like a gong in the air, hits them & lands face down feet away ( SLD). Opponent falls in face up feet away position which they can roll back off of. Good damage, free SLD 2 or d+2 if they stay there & no big deal for Craig even if its blocked. Only some generic ground hitting moves so you can take chances with it. What i like about this move is it can't be interrupted with jabs or any such moves ( Lars WS+2 into back DE comes to mind). Good to use once in a while.

Now this is something. Changed animation in this game but still his fastest launcher, comes out in i16. Sometimes they misjudge it for a throw & duck, so launches crouchers too. Good whiff punisher in some cases due to buffed range, tracks to his left & only -12 on block. What else, use it. Its easily one of his top 10.

More later..

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