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Ok i'd start with my 2 cents on first few moves here. I'd like to add more from time to time if i'm allowed to do so here. Anything wrong/incomplete, mods edit it away

Basically generic 10 frame jabs. Natural combo & jail string. Good for punishing anything that's -10 to 13 but i really like to do it as f+1,2: This way string covers more distance than 2,1 so you're sure even if you mistimed your jabs, they will not be ducked as in the case of 2,1. Good frames afterwards plus leads to more useful strings.

Slow elbow option after 1,2. High, irreversible and +4 on block so some pressure can be created with it. Blocked 1,2,f+1 into f,f+1+2_1,d+2_ d+1_qcf+2 etc are a few examples. On hit, the f+1 elbow gives nice +6 whereas on CH the opponent is knocked down in face down, feet away position.A small combo can be started here with a d/b+3,1,1 or a free dash in ground throw attempt (Breakable). Should be used sparingly as it has its own limitations.

The 3,1+2 after a 1,2 is a Natural combo. Looks same as d/f+3,1+2 & is delayable a bit too (1,2>3,1+2)
Though not hit conformable, does really good chunk of damage (Even more in netsu) & gives you frames. Good for using against people who like to attack Craig a lot after a blocked 1,2 or anything. 1,2 *slight pause* they attack or duck-->3,1+2. Use it from time to time when you've conditioned them enough with other moves. Just don't get it blocked as its very risky: 3 is -16 whereas 1+2 is a high. Keep that in mind.

More later

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